HBO is finally going to announce the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere date this Sunday, January 13th. The network did not provide a specific time, only noting that it would be announced before the True Detective Season 3 premiere, which is at 9 PM/8 Central. This is a perfect way for HBO to get some extra eyes on to the highly anticipated third season of True Detective, though it probably doesn't need any extra promotion at this time.

To reveal the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere date announcement, HBO used their Twitter account with a screenshot of a text conversation asking for the release date with a "boss" at the network. The humorous faux exchange was the perfect way to reveal the news since Game of Thrones fans have been waiting forever for any updates about the Season 8 premiere. Last summer, many were worried that the last season wasn't going to premiere until this summer, so it was a great news to hear that we would get to see new episodes in April.


Game of Thrones fans have learned to be patient ever since the show started. There have been delays over the years, but the gap between Season 7 and 8 has been excruciating for diehard fans, though it appears that the wait is going to be quite worth it when all is said and done. HBO CEO Richard Plepler says that the final season is like "six movies." Plepler went on to say that he has seen every episode twice without any CGI and that he is in "awe" of what the show has done for its final season.

This is all good news coming down for Game of Thrones fans who were a bit skeptical of the short season. Six episodes isn't a lot, but it had previously been reported that each of the episodes would be considerably longer than normal. The idea of watching six Game of Thrones movies to end the series certainly sounds like something exciting. However, we're still not exactly sure what's going to happen when the show finally premieres. We do know that Sansa and Daenerys are uniting, but can it really be that easy? Does Sansa really just hand over Winterfell like that?


Going along with the movie comparison, it has been reported that each episode from Game of Thrones Season 8 cost around $15 million to make, which is a pretty big increase over the $10 million that the show had before. But, it should be noted that was just an estimate based off of the total cost of the final season, breaking down each episode equally. Some episodes may not have cost that much while others may have even cost more than that, like the rumored fight scene that we hear is going to be bigger than the Battle of the Bastards. We'll just have to wait and see. You can check out the premiere announcement below, thanks to the HBO Twitter account.