Think Story on YouTube has released a new video showing Game of Thrones fans how the series should have ended, and the clip is very rapidly going viral. This probably should go without saying, but we'll be discussing SPOILERS from the final season below. As everyone on the internet knows, fans by and large were left unsatisfied with the series finale of the hit HBO series. Some of the most common complaints from viewers include disappointing character arcs for many fan favorites, and just how many big revelations from prior episodes - including Jon Snow's true heritage - ultimately amounted to having no impact on the story at all. Aiming to alleviate these complaints while providing a much more powerful ending, the YouTube video's version of the finale seems to be heavily preferred by fans. In just a few days time, the video is already fast-approaching 2 million views, and the comments are mostly all in strong support of this alternate ending.

To "fix" Season 8, the video first examines the perception that the battle with the Night King and the White Walkers was a letdown. Arguing that the Night King is a much more important and fearsome foe than Cersei, this alternate Season 8 imagines the White Walkers winning the battle at Winterfell. After an amazing battle between Jon Snow and the Night King, it is revealed that dragonglass has no effect on him. Meanwhile, Bran has warged into the past to research the Night King's history, hoping to discover a weakness if they truly hope to defeat him. Most of our fan favorites still make it out alive, while the dead Dothraki and unsullied all rise to join the Night King's massive undead army.

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The survivors retreat to King's Landing, informing Cersei the battle against the Night King was lost. Although reluctant to open the gates and let them inside, Cersei is convinced to do so by her lover/brother Jaime Lannister, but on one condition - Daenerys must bend the knee. In the interest of keeping her people alive and having Cersei's army help defend against the White Walkers, Dany reluctantly does so. Soon after, the White Walkers arrive, and instead of a one-sided massacre of King's Landing like we saw on HBO, this battle would be more akin to the battle of Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings. After a hard-fought battle, however, the King's Landings defenses would eventually start to fall.

Fortunately, Bran is much more useful in this alternate season. Through his warging, Bran has uncovered the Night King's power comes from the Grand Weirwood Tree where he was killed as a human. Destroying it would kill the Night King, but at the cost of destroying all of the other magic in the world. This meant Jon Snow would also be killed, as Melissandre had resurrected him through magic. Jon is understanding and encourages Dany to take out the tree, although this leaves her very distraught, as it's also revealed she's carrying his child in a new plot twist. With Drogon in tow, she meets the Night King at the Grand Weirwood Tree and destroys it with a hail of dragonfire. It does indeed kill the Night King and the undead at King's Landing, but it results in a hero's death for Jon as well.

This leads to the ultimate conclusion of the show by revealing who takes the Iron Throne in the end. With the White Walkers defeated and Dany's soldiers depleted, Cersei calls for the death of everyone loyal to Dany to further secure her own power. Jaime pleads with her not to, asking her to think about their unborn child, causing Cersei to admit she isn't really pregnant and it was a political falsehood. This is when Jaime plunges his sword into Cersei, killing her and finally ending her reign for good. Dany arrives soon after, with a crowd gathering around her and Jon Snow's corpse. Tyrion tells the bystanders about Jon's true heritage, and as Dany will now bear his child, this makes her the rightful heir to the throne. After Tyrion kneels, so do the rest of the soldiers, leading to Dany to take her seat on the Iron Throne in the show's closing moments.

Of course, as they say, hindsight is 20/20, and it's always easy to go back after the fact to talk about how things could have been done better. Still, for many fans, the Game of Thrones showrunners dropped the ball with the final episodes, and this video pours salt in the wound by showing what the series finale could have been like instead. At the end of the day, there's no pleasing everyone, but whether you're happy with the end of the show or not, the viral video is a compelling watch. At over 16 minutes long, it touches on a lot more than just what's been highlighted above. You can take a look at it below, courtesy of Think Story on YouTube.