Game of Thrones Season 8 runtimes have reportedly been revealed by an HBO affiliate. Network chief Casey Bloys had previously spread rumors that the final 6 episodes could be as long as two hours last year, only to walk those comments back recently, noting that he has not seen any of the episodes reach that length. However, the final season of the worldwide phenomenon has been described as cinematic. Do the recently revealed runtimes coincide with these descriptions?

Some Game of Thrones fans may be a bit disappointed after hearing reports about longer episodes for Season 8. HBO affiliate OCS (a French TV network) promised that the final season is "XXL," and when pressed further as to what exactly that means, OCS responded by revealing that the first two episodes are 60 minutes each and the remaining four are 80 minutes long. This is reportedly official information straight from HBO, but this has yet to be confirmed as the network may feel that it's a bit early to have this information out publicly.


These runtimes could change in the coming weeks or months, but as it stands, Game of Thrones Season 8, which consists of 6 episodes, will be just as long as Season 7, which has seven episodes. At this time, last season's finale, The Dragon and the Wolf, is the longest episode at 80 minutes. Obviously, the final four episodes are considerably longer, just as promised, but it might not be what a lot of fans were expecting with all of the hype surrounding the final season runtimes.

When broken down into averages, Game of Thrones Season 8 episodes will be about 73 minutes each, 10 minutes longer than Season 7 and nearly 20 minutes longer when compared to seasons prior to 7. This is still big news, and it can still change, but hardcore fans of the show would happily take even longer episodes since we're only getting six episodes this time around. With that being said, there are some rumors that the 6 episodes vs. 7 episodes was made in an attempt to keep costs down since the actors get a pretty hefty sum of cash per episode. By cutting out one episode, the network may have saved millions, which could be allocated somewhere else.


Game of Thrones Season 8 is going to be just as long as the last season, but it's the final season of the series. It's going to be huge no matter what, even if it consisted of 4 episodes that were an hour long. As for what's going to happen in those final episodes, that's unclear at this time and will be for as long as HBO can keep it a secret. However, if you really want to know, you might be able to hit up Sophie Turner who just revealed that she has spoiled the show for some friends. You can check out the runtime announcement below, thanks to the Premiere Twitter account. Make sure to use the translator function if you do not speak French.