The series finale of Game of Thrones culminated with an emotional ending, but fans still couldn't help but laugh after spotting a water bottle in one of the final scenes. Before you read any further, be cautious of mild SPOILERS below. As we all know, the show had an embarrassing blunder earlier this season when a coffee cup was noticed in a scene, and with no time to spare, a modern beverage once again made its way onto the screen. The moment comes when Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) is conferring with the others who should take the iron throne. If you take a peek at Tarly's foot, you can see a plastic water bottle partially hidden behind his boot.

In the fourth episode of the season, an even bigger gaffe was caught by viewers. What appeared to be a Starbucks brand coffee cup was shown on the table near Daenerys Targaryen during a feast scene (the cup was later revealed to be from a local Irish coffee shop in Banbridge). The mistake went viral, which led to a heavier focus on the error rather than on the content of the episode itself. HBO then digitally edited the cup out of the show, but screenshots and video clips can still easily be found on the internet and social media. Acknowledging the blunder, HBO joked about it in a statement. "Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea," the company said, approaching the situation with a sense of humor. It remains to be seen if they will now edit the water bottle out of the series finale episode as well.

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Errors notwithstanding, a large portion of Game of Thrones fans have not been happy with the final season. The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for the final episodes are among the very worst in the series. Even before the finale, fans had already created a petition for HBO to somehow redo the final season, rewriting the events of what happened in Season 8 and filming it again. Given the money and time that it took for us to receive the Season 8 that we did, simply remaking it is clearly not going to happen on HBO. Still, it has given fans a platform to voice their dissatisfaction with how the show ended.

It's the end of Game of Thrones on HBO as we know it, but we haven't seen the very last of Westeros just yet. An official prequel series is currently in the works, taking place roughly 10,000 years before the start of Game of Thrones. The plot will acknowledge its parent series by touching on the foundation of the various Houses, the introduction of the White Walkers upon their arrival in Westeros, and other cross-referencing storylines. Naomi Watts (The Impossible) has been cast in a lead role. Her character is described as a "charismatic socialite hiding a dark secret." Reportedly, the series has already begun filming, but there's no word yet on a possible release date.

Of course, setting the new show so far in the past means we'll never see our surviving fan favorite characters appear. Hopefully, the prequel will manage to recapture the magic of the original that made Game of Thrones so special - at least until fans turned on it in Season 8. As for the water bottle, you can check out some fan reactions to the gaffe below.