Game of Thrones is almost finished. After season 8, episode 4, HBO released the trailer for next week's episode 5, which means we're in the endgame now. There are now officially only two episodes left in the massively successful HBO series and fans are both excited and sad at the same time. How is this all going to play out? After defeating the Night King last week, what's next? Cersei and King's Landing, that's what.

While the trailer doesn't really tell us what Game of Thrones episode 5 will be all about, we do know that it is supposed to be one of the heavier episodes. Daenerys actress Emilia Clarke says fans should expect something even "bigger" than the Battle of Winterfell, which seems pretty crazy to think about. She went on to say the rest of Season 8 is "mental." Clarke also had some advice for Game of Thrones fans. She had this to say.

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"Find the biggest TV you can. I mean four and five and six, they're all insane."

As for episode 4, David Nutter, who directed the infamous "Red Wedding," returned to helm the episode after directing the first two episodes of the final season. Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss wrote the episode. Even with the brief trailer, it's evident Game of Thrones is going to keep building while we all try and figure out what exactly how this is going to go down. Later on in the week, HBO will release some images from the upcoming episode, so we will get an extra tease in a few days, which will more than likely cause more anxiety amongst fans than anything else.

As for episode 5 being bigger than the Battle of Winterfell, Emilia Clarke may have been talking more about the content of the episode as opposed to battle. But, this is Game of Thrones that we're talking about here, so anything is really possible when you think about it. Thankfully, the next two episode will both be 80 minutes long, which is two minutes longer than episode four and two minutes shorter than episode 3. There is now a grand total of 160 minutes of the hit show left before it goes away forever.

While Game of Thrones is preparing to end, HBO recently announced that a two-hour documentary will air after the series finale. That should give diehard fans something extra to chew on after the witnessing the final moments of the show. Episode 3 came with its own 40-minute behind-the-scenes doc, so a full two hours will be welcomed with open arms, as long as the series ended where fans wanted it to. There's only two more episodes left, so let's all enjoy it while we still can. You can check out the trailer for Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 5 below, thanks to HBO.