Now that HBO's Game of Thrones is well beyond the George R.R. Martin books, every detail that comes from the set is a crucial piece of information in trying to map out the plot line for Game of Thrones Season 7. Today we have a few new set photos, some of which confirm that a Season 6 character will be back, while others tease some potentially icy scenes north of The Wall. There will be SPOILERS for those who want to know nothing about Game of Thrones Season 7 ahead of time, so read on at your own risk.

Watchers on the Wall reports that a reader from Iceland sent in new photos from Stangarvegur, Iceland, located in the Gjáin valley, which is supposedly under construction for a Game of Thrones set. The site is reportedly near a hydroelectric dam, with the photos revealing that a massive "icy-stone alley" is currently under construction. The entire area around this hydroelectric dam is supposedly "closed for construction" until November 2018.


The site speculates that this set could tie into previous plot rumors about the wights, which would mean that part of this season will take place north of The Wall. Those plot details were never confirmed though, and since we don't have George R.R. Martin's books as a guide anymore, we won't know for sure what happens on Game of Thrones until Season 7 debuts this summer. That being said, Season 6 star James Faulkner sent out a new photo from the set, confirming his return as Randyll Tarly, the father of Samwell Tarly (John Bradley).

We met Randyll Tarly for the first time in the Season 6 episode Blood of My Blood, when Samwell takes Gilly (Hannah Murray) to meet his family. The meeting did not exactly go well, with Samwell stealing his father's beloved Valyrian steel sword dubbed Heartsbane before leaving his childhood home at Horn Hill. Many fans presume that Randyll will try to track down his son and bring back the sword to Horn Hill, with this report revealing that the actor is filming in Cáceres, Spain. That location is more than 600 miles from where the show is filming the scenes for Old Town, where Samwell went to become a maester, in the province of Girona.


Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn on the hit series, was also seen in Caceres recently, with the actor reportedly prepping for a major fight scene. HBO hasn't issued a season premiere date yet for Game of Thrones Season 7, but it will reportedly debut sometime this summer, spanning seven episodes, instead of the usual 10-episode season. Take a look at the latest photos from two vastly different sets being used for Game of Thrones.