NBC's Late Night host Seth Meyers is an unabashed Game of Thrones fan, as he has often mentioned on the show, and last year, he put together a special segment dubbed "Game of Jones," where he watched the latest episode with his friend, Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones. Last night, Seth Meyers brought back "Game of Jones" as they both sat down to watch last week's incredible episode, The Spoils of War, which also features quite the special surprise. Since there is actual footage from this episode in the nine-minute video, there will be SPOILERS if you haven't watched this episode yet, so stop reading now if you haven't watched The Spoils of War.

The video debuted on Late Night with Seth Meyers YouTube after airing on last night's episode, which opens with Seth Meyers explaining how he loves watching his friend Leslie Jones live-tweet the episode as much as he loves the episodes themselves. Since both Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers couldn't watch The Spoils of War when it aired last Sunday, they decided to bring back this "Game of Jones" segment. We learn right away that Leslie Jones may even be a more astute Game of Thrones fan than Seth Meyers, since she knows that the opening sequences showcases all of the different kingdoms that will be on display in this episode. Ironically, she mentions that this opening will show Casterly Rock, but that actually wasn't the case, since this episode didn't go back to Casterly Rock.

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When the episode begins, Leslie Jones comments that she thinks Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is like a "one-armed bandit" in Game of Thrones Season 7, while adding that she thinks Bronn (Jerome Flynn) is like a "gangster," adding that Bronn is like, "the dude in the 'hood who knows where all the one-dollar cigarettes is." When scenes come up featuring an aloof Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright), she adds that she thinks he's "high," since he doesn't react to anything with any sort of emotion. When the episode shifts gears and heads to Dragonstone, during the scene when Jon Snow (Kit Harington) shows Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) the cave paintings of the White Walkers, Leslie Jones calls them the "blue-eyed devils," joking that they were "white people that came out of the cave and took over," but in the next scene on the Dragonstone beach with Tyrion Lanninster and Lord Varys (Conleth Hill), Seth Meyers had quite the surprise in store for Leslie Jones.

When Seth Meyers asks Leslie her opinions on Lord Varys, one of the few characters to survive for all seven seasons of the show, Leslie Jones replied that he's like, "the girlfriend where you don't really know if she's your homegirl or not," since she's not fully sure where he stands. As she keeps going on about Varys, Conleth Hill, in full Lord Varys costume, walks into the room, which causes Leslie Jones to freak out. The actor proceeded to join them in watching the rest of the episode, since he himself hadn't seen it yet, as Leslie Jones continued to grill him about his character, and when it comes to the scene where Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) have a tense reunion on the Dragonstone beach, Conleth Hill defends Theon, stating that he saved Sansa, which leads to another argument when the actor states that "eunich's have to stick together," which Leslie Jones remembers is true since both Theon and Varys are without their male reproductive organs now.

During the episode's climactic battle, where Daenerys and her dragon dubbed Drogon set fire to the Lannister "loot train," Leslie Jones, Seth Meyers and Conleth Hill were all quite enthralled, while Leslie Jones questions when Bronn got the "training" to run the "dragon gun," which he used to fire a massive arrow that was able to pierce Drogon's thick armor and ground him, for the time being. Since there are still three episodes left of Game of Thrones Season 7, it's possible that Seth Meyers and Leslie Jones could come back together for a new "Game of Jones" episodes, but that remains to be seen. Take a look at this hilarious nine-minute video below.