A preview for next week's episode of Game of Thrones has arrived which is entitled "Eastwatch." In the preview, Daenerys stands tall over the remaining living Lannister soldiers and makes a proclamation.

"Bend the knee and join me... or refuse... and die."
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While Daenerys and Cersie Lannister battle for the Iron Throne in the south, Jon Snow is seen making plans to save all of Westeros by mining for the coveted Dragonglass and referring back to last season where Bran Stark's vision showed him The Night King and his army marching towards Eastwatch. Hence, the title of the episode. Ravens scouting the scene over the dead, has the army of the dead finally arrived at The Wall? This week's episode will tell us.

Last night, one of the biggest spectacles in the Game of Thrones series was seen on screen as Daenerys rode one of her beloved dragons into a battle with the Lannisters for the very first time, wiping out the army, and injuring Drogon in the process.

Overhead, Tyrion watches as Lannister men are slaughtered. His attention is pulled away when an eight-foot bolt flies past Drogon. Muttering to himself, Tyrion tries to will Daenerys away from Bronn and the "scorpion," but the Queen of Dragons dives in at top speed. As Drogon opens his mouth, Bronn takes aim and shoots, hitting Drogon but barely escaping Drogon's flames himself.

Though hit, Drogon is not seriously injured. From their own perspectives, Tyrion and Jaime watch Drogon land near the river. Dany climbs down to remove the harpoon from his scales. Tyrion sees Jaime grab a nearby spear and charge the dismounted queen. Drogon swivels his head to attack until Bronn, riding in on his own horse, tackles Jaime. The two men fall into the river as Drogon's flames engulf both horses. Underwater, Bronn and Jaime float alongside drowning and dead men whose armor weighs them down, while flames blaze above.