The latest episode of Game of Thrones certainly didn't disappoint those who held on and didn't give into watching the leak. The Mother of Dragons delivers a fire-breathing beatdown to the Lannister army in Spoils of War. Episode four has Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) getting off the bench and back in the game. Arya (Maisie Wiliams) returns to Winterfell at long last. Her reunion with Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) and Sansa (Sophie Turner) has the Starks at their strongest since season one. Jon (Kit Harington) finds the Dragonglass and an affirmation of the fight to come. Cersei (Lena Headey) looks to grow her army, as Tycho Nestoris (Mark Gatiss) waits for the Iron Bank's payment. We'll see if the gold or Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) survived Daenerys wrath.

The Spoils of War begins with the Lannister army leaving Highgarden with the Tyrell loot. Jaime tosses Ser Bronn (Jerome Flynn) a sack of gold for his troubles. Bronn wants the castle that Jaime promised him. He's also perplexed by Jaime's grim demeanor. Bronn rightly deduces the Queen of Thorns got in one last barb. Jaime ignores him as he loads a wagon full of gold. The Iron Bank of Braavos has their repayment.

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Meanwhile at King's Landing, Cersei entertains Tycho with her plan to conquer Westeros. She needs to grow her armies. The Golden Company of Essos would be a fine addition. Tycho acknowledges her plan, and will support her, as long as he gets the gold payment.

At Winterfell, Littlefinger (Aiden Gillen) gives Bran a Valyrian dagger as a gift. It was the same knife a cutthroat attempted to kill him with. Littlefinger's machinating is thrown off by Bran telling him that "chaos is a ladder". This was something Littlefinger said in season three. His surprise is interrupted by Meera (Ellie Kendrick). She is returning to her family. Bran thanks her, but coldly dismisses her by saying he doesn't need her anymore. Meera laments the death of her brother, Summer, and Hodor. She leaves, saying that the real Bran died in the cave with the white walkers. Only the Three-Eyed Raven remains now.

Arya sees Winterfell in the distance. Her entrance to the castle is blocked by foolish guards who doubt her heritage. She disappears as they argue who should tell Sansa. After their bumbling update, Sansa finds Arya at their father's crypt. Arya asks Sansa if she should call her Lady Stark, before they fall into a warm embrace. They agree their father's statue does not look like him. Arya wonders if Sansa killed Joffrey, the first person on her death list. Sansa laughs in disbelief. She tells Arya that Bran has also come home.

Sansa and Arya join Bran under the Weirwood Tree. Bran brings up her death list. He saw her choose not to go after Cersei. Sansa is disquieted by his knowledge of the list. Bran gives Arya the Valyrian dagger. It is wasted on a cripple. Sansa is concerned that Littlefinger gave him a gift. He will want something in return. Brienne (Gwendolyn Christie) and Podrick (Daniel Portman) watch the Stark siblings together again. Podrick says that Brienne has kept her vow to Catelyn Stark.

At Dragonstone, Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) hints that she and Grey Worm have taken their relationship further. Daenerys is surprised and happy at this development. Jon takes Daenerys into a cave on the beach. He shows her that the castle does indeed sit on a lode of Dragonglass. He takes her further into the cave. On the walls are drawings by the Children of the Forrest. It shows that they fought alongside men against the white walkers. Daenerys swears she will fight with the North, if Jon bends the knee.

They exit the cave to find Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Varys (Conleth Hill) on the beach. They inform her of the events at Casterly Rock and Highgarden. She is outraged, accusing Tyrion of not wanting to harm his family. She wants to take her dragons and attack the Red Keep at Kings Landing. For the first time, Daenerys asks for Jon Snow's military advice. He tells her that she will not win the people if she kills innocents with her dragons.

At Winterfell, Brienne is training the hapless Podrick. Arya sees them and requests a match with Brienne. Sansa and Littlfinger watch from above with amazement. Arya's fighting skills are incredible. She takes Brienne to a draw. Arya gives Littlefinger a threatening look as she sheathes her new knife.

At Dragonstone, Ser Davos comments that Jon has been looking a little differently at Daenerys. Jon brushes off his innuendo. They find Missandei along the castle walls. She doesn't understand what a bastard is. Missandei speaks honestly about her allegiance to Daenerys. They are interrupted by warning bells. Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) has returned with the survivors. He is met at the beach by an angry Jon. Theon would be a dead man if he had not rescued Sansa. Theon wants Daenerys to help recover Yara (Gemma Whelan), but she is not there.

The Lannister loot train has made its way to Kings Landing. At the back of the convoy, Jaime and Bronn listen to Dickon Tarly's (Freddie Stroma) first taste of battle. Their reminiscing of Highgarden victory is brutally interrupted. The Dothraki come thundering down the plains towards them. Jaime and Bronn yell for the men to line up, only to watch in horror as Daenerys comes swooping down on Drogon. The loot train is obliterated in a torrent of dragon fire.

The Dothraki overrun the Lannister army as Drogon incinerates them from above. It's carnage as Jaime beckons Bronn to get to Qyburn's Scorpion. Bronn is knocked off his horse and loses his sack of gold. He dutifully makes it to the Scorpion, then fires off a shot. The giant arrow narrowly misses Drogon. Daenerys turns her attention to the weapon. Tyrion arrives to witness the battle. He watches in disbelief as Bronn's second shot hits Drogon in the shoulder. It makes no difference. Drogon blasts the Scorpion with fire as Bronn leaps off. Daenerys lands to pull the arrow out of Drogon's shoulder. Jaime grabs a spear and charges her. Tyrion yells for his brother to flee, but Jaime goes for Daenerys. Drogon turns toward him and unleashes a jet of fire. Bronn knocks Jaime off his horse before he is killed. The last shot of the episode has Jaime plunging into the deep river, weighed down by his armor.

It's doubtful that Jaime is dead. I find it hard to believe such a primary character would be dispatched by drowning. The Lannister army is pretty much destroyed by Daenerys. We don't know for certain that the wagon with the gold actually made it to Cersei. Arya's return home is a huge boost for the Starks. Her murderous skill set and Bran's visions mean big trouble for Littlefinger. Jon and Daenerys are getting closer. We'll see if their relationship blooms to an incestuous romance. HBO continues to deliver an action packed Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

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