Right off the bat, we have to issue a huge SPOILER warning to anyone who has arrived here, hoping to learn more about the very secretive Game of Thrones Season 7. There are some big reveals about to happen, especially in regards to Daenerys and a key meeting that is about to take place. Step away now if you want to remain fresh and clean going into these upcoming episodes.

That said, we have two new major pieces of intel in regards to what we may see in Game of Thrones Season 7. These latest details come courtesy of WatcherontheWall.com The first, and somewhat less interesting note concerns a new location. The show will be shooting in Italica, home to Roman ruins that were found in Santiponce, Spain. Today, a site called CadenaSer have confirmed shooting dates and a few juicy details.

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Italica is being completely closed off to the general public during the production, so don't plan to visit the area between October 17 and November 12. During this time, the Game of Thrones production crew will be finalizing preparations and filming with between 400 and 500 technical crew members on location.

It is believed that Game of Thrones will be shooting in both the Amphitheatre as well as the Cardo Maximus. But that's just technical info that isn't quite as exciting as the story details that have also supposedly leaked. As of now, none of the upcoming plot twists and turns have been divulged.

Until now. It seems that Italica will be serving as the Dragonpit in Season 7. It is described as a ruined old building near King's Landing that once served as a house for dragons under the watchful eye of the Targaryens. It was previously rumored that Daenerys will be appearing at this Dragonpit.

A reliable source confirms this to be true. And it is here that Daenerys will meet with several key characters. She will not only be accompanied by trusted allies such as Missandei, she will also becoming face to face with a few other Westeros icons. There is at least one scene where Daenerys will be seen having a chat with Davos Seaworth and Brienne of Tarth.

What could this possibly mean for the future of Westeros? Will this unlikely trio form an all-powerful alliance? At this time, there is no story context for the meeting. But it does all sound quite promising for these all-new episodes.