In seasons past, HBO's hit series Game of Thrones would have already started production, but this year, things changed just a bit. The network confirmed that production on Game of Thrones Season 7 will start later than usual, since winter has finally arrived in Westeros and the production needed to wait for cooler weather. The show is still set to return next summer, but, of course, very little is known about the story, or what new characters may debut. Today we have a new casting call that sheds some light on nine of the new characters that will be featured this season.

The cast and crew had a long tradition of unveiling new cast members and characters at Comic-Con, but that all changed last year, when practically no details were confirmed about the new episodes ahead of Season 6. While the show did return to Comic-Con last month, they once again refused to confirm any cast members or characters. Today, Watchers On the Wall has gotten their hands on a casting breakdown for this upcoming season, revealing details about nine new characters, although no character names were given.

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The first role is a General, with the show seeking actors in the 40 - 55 age range. This character is said to be a "senior military officer," and the producers are looking for a white actor who uses the "British RP accent," which stands for Received Pronunciation. This accent is typically used with the elite characters in King's Landing on the show. This character will be needed for the week of September 6. We don't know for sure if production on the entire season will start before then or not.

The second character is a Priest in his 60's, who is said to have "moral authority and gravitas," and the show is also seeking a white actor who uses the RP accent, who they also want to have a "characterful face." This character will be used for one week of filming starting September 22nd. The next character is a Warrior, with the show seeing white actor between the ages of 35 and 45, which means this likely rules out the character being a Dothraki warrior. The show is seeking an actor who is great at fighting and can handle a "considerable" amount of dialogue. The show describes this role as an "excellent part for a top-end actor," who should have a "neutral and non-posh English accent." Whoever lands this role will work throughout October, so it seems to be a larger role than the other characters.

The "Gate Guard" is a character in his 20s, with the show looking for a "confident, characterful, straight-talking Northern lad with a great face to play across a very excellent series of scenes. The character will shoot between mid-October and mid-November, with the producers seeking an actor with "wit, timing and charisma." The "City Guard" character is in his 30s, who speaks with an RP accent and "intercepts a suspicious-looking person on his nightly patrol." This character is set to shoot for one week in mid-October. The next character is a male Merchant in his 40's, who comes to an inn during a busy evening. The show is seeking a character actor for a non-combatant role," and the producers are open to different ethnic backgrounds, which could indicate this character is from somewhere in Essos, or perhaps an undiscovered land. This Merchant character will start filming in the first week of November.

The "Lovely Lady" character is said to be a courtesan, which is said to be a "good speaking part," with the actress required to go fully nude. The physical appearance and ethnicity is open, and this character will shoot for one week in early October. There is also a Young Lord in his 20s, a white character who uses the RP accent described as tall and handsome, who will shoot during the week of September 20. The final character listed in this breakdown is a Lieutenant in his 20s, said to be "athletic, physically fit, and disciplined warrior." This character is most likely Dothraki, since the show is seeking actors of Middle Eastern descent, who will shoot several days across three weeks, between mid-September and mid-November. Stay tuned for more on Game of Thrones Season 7.