The tremendous run of Game of Thrones may have finally come to an end on HBO, but we haven't seen the last of Westeros. News of a prequel series set 5,000 years before the start of the show has already been confirmed and is currently in the works. While there hasn't been a lot of other bits of information about the upcoming series, original author and executive producer George R. R. Martin recently divulged some new interesting aspects of the Game of Thrones Prequel fans can expect to see.

According to Martin, Westeros will consist of about a hundred Kingdoms, as opposed to the simple Seven Kingdoms of Westeros fans know from Game of Thrones. "But if you go back further then there are nine kingdoms, and 12 kingdoms, and eventually you get back to where there are a hundred kingdoms - petty kingdoms - and that's the era we're talking about here," Martin explains. With so many other people in the mix thinking of themselves as leaders and the ultimate kings or queens, it would seem we can look forward to quiet a bit of conflict in the new series.


Martin also says the Stark family will be present in the upcoming show, featuring the ancestors of the Stark clan we know and love from Game of Thrones. This particular bit of information makes sense, given how the bloodline descended from the First Men. And although there won't be any dragons in the spin-off, Martin also assures that there will be other familiar beasts like Direwolves and mammoths. The White Walkers will definitely be there as well, as the prequel is expected to delve more into how they came to be.

The Starks may be around, but don't expect to see the Lannisters. Martin explains that the series takes place before the rise of the Lannister family. Still, the author does say that Casterly Rock is going to be there, saying it's "like the Rock of Gibraltar." In the prequel series, it will be "occupied by the Casterlys - for whom it's still named after in the time of Game of Thrones." It's unclear if the upcoming show will one day explore how the Lannisters came to take over Casterly Rock, but this at least won't be shown in the beginning.


Reports about the show's casting have previously suggested the spin-off may follow Naomi Watts, Naomi Ackie, and Denis Gough as the lead characters. If you ask George R.R. Martin, however, he says the new show will feature an ensemble cast, more akin to Game of Thrones. "As you know for Game of Thrones, we never even nominated anybody for lead actress or lead actor [during awards season] until recently; it was always for supporting [categories] because the show is such an ensemble," Martin says. "I think that will be true for this show too. We don't have leads so much as a large ensemble cast."


Finally, Martin also spoke about the show's possible title. As of now, there's still no official subtitle attached to the prequel. Previously, Martin thought NEFJYXE5dyi6JG||The Long Night} might work as a potential title, though that now seems unlikely as that title was used for a Season 8 episode. However, there's a variation of it that the author seems to have taken a liking to. "I heard a suggestion that it could be called "The Longest Night," which is a variant I wouldn't mind," Martin admits.

While we wait for the prequel series, Martin also notes he is still hard at work on the next novel in the Fire and Ice series, The Winds of Winter. When the book finally arrives, we'll see if it features an ending drastically different than what played out on the HBO series and if it will be any more well-received by fans. This information comes to us from EW.