Cookies are coming. Game of Thrones themed Oreos to be specific. The final season of HBO's fantasy epic, based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, is just around the corner. That means it's a bittersweet time for fans who have been following these bloody and dramatic events unfold in the land of Westeros over the years. In this case, this is something that falls squarely in the sweet category.

It was recently revealed that an unlikely alliance has formed between HBO and Nabisco to bring us these Game of Thrones Oreos. For the time being, it doesn't seem like they're going to be experimenting with any flavors that may relate to the series, so don't expect any Red Wedding blood red creme filled cookies to be coming our way. However, the official Oreo Cookie Twitter account recently revealed a brief video that has the word "Oreo" come up on screen, before morphing into the #ForTheThrone hashtag that has been used to promote season 8 of the series.


An Instagram post from Candy Hunting had also indicated that these cookies were going to hit shelves a few days prior, but the post by the Oreo account made it official. As for when exactly fans can expect to stock up on these cookies? That hasn't been revealed, but they're going to be in stores ahead of the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere, so we should expect to see them sooner rather than later. They also won't be specific to any one retailer, so it shouldn't be too difficult to track them down once they're released.

Even for those who don't particularly enjoy an Oreo cookie on occasion, this serves as a reminder that Game of Thrones is coming back for its final run very soon. HBO took their time with this final GOT season and, instead of rushing the production and releasing it in 2018, they spent the entire year and then some filming what promises to be an absolutely epic conclusion to the series. While there are only six episodes in this season, they are going to be longer than usual. HBO CEO Richard Plepler recently hyped it up as watching six movies.


Even though Game of Thrones season 8 will be its last, the network is already hard at work on a prequel, tentatively titled The Long Night (even though George R.R. Martin has indicated the network doesn't like that title). This show will take place thousands of years prior to the events we've already seen. Naomi Watts had been cast as the lead and it's expected that the pilot will be filmed before the end of this year. The network has not yet picked it up to series, but it would be very surprising if that didn't happen. Game of Thrones returns on Sunday, April 14. Feel free to check out the video from the Oreo Twitter account below.