Game of Thrones has come to an end and HBO is teasing the upcoming The Last Watch documentary, which airs next weekend on May 26. Since the hugely successful series ended this past Sunday, the network has prepared a two-hour documentary going over everything that lead to the finale. Jon Snow actor Kit Harington admitted to crying during the final table read and the recently released trailer confirms the actor's admission. Elsewhere, we see Emilia Clarke wrap her last ever scene on the show in a brief tease.

It's hard to believe that it's all coming to an end. Game of Thrones quickly became one of the biggest shows in television history, thanks to the source material by author George R.R. Martin. While a documentary on the final season of the series is a great idea, some fans wish that it was an all encompassing project. With that being said, there's still time for that to happen at some point down the line, depending on what HBO decides to do in the future with the franchise.

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Game of Thrones fans have been mostly satisfied with the past few seasons, but season 8 has proven to be a bit divisive, to put it mildly. A large group of fans haven't been happy with the series ever since George R.R. Martin hit some writer's block. The author has been working on books six and seven for years now and was only able to give showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss a loose overview of what happens in the story and how he wanted it to end. Since then, the show has been a bit quicker in its development.

Negativity spreads fast and Game of Thrones fans are petitioning for HBO to completely redo season 8, which is never going to happen. With that being said, the petition has gained over a million signatures as of this writing. That's a lot of signatures and proves there are a lot of people who aren't very happy with the way things are moving. Legendary horror author Stephen King believes that a lot of fans are purely angry because the show is coming to an end and he may have a point. King is perfectly happy with the way season 8 has been moving.

Maybe Game of Thrones: The Last Watch documentary will help some fans with their dissatisfaction. Regardless, there are still millions of fans who are more than excited to see how everything ends and bummed to see it all come to an end. The Last Watch provides family and friends one more Sunday to gather around the TV and see all of the hard work that went into making season 8 a reality. Watch how it all ends and then tune in next week to see how it all started. You can watch the trailer for Game of Thrones: The Last Watch below, thanks to the HBO YouTube channel.