A new hotel in northern Finland offers Game of Thrones fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to stay in an ice hotel based off of the hit HBO series. The hotel is a joint effort by a local hotel chain and the U.S. producers of the Game of Thrones series. Lapland Hotels said late last week that they chose Game of Thrones to be the theme for this season's Snow Village, an annual ice-and-snow construction project covering 24,000 sq. yards in Kittila, which is just 93 miles above the Arctic Circle. The pop-up ice hotel will be open until April of this year.

Many fans of Game of Thrones watch the show and dream of visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia or Snowdonia in the U.K., which are popular places where the hit show films. However, Finland might be the next destination for some brave souls. The new Lapland Game of Thrones pop-up ice hotel allows fans who make the trip to be able to sit on the Iron Throne (made of ice), stroll through the Braavosi Hall of Faces (also made of ice), and spend their night beneath sculptures of the show's many characters. In addition, fans can get married there or just have a few Game of Thrones style cocktails at the bar, which might want to be checked for poison before drinking.

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Roughly 44 million pounds of snow and 770,000 pounds of ice were used and served as the raw material for professional ice and snow sculptors. Many of the artists responsible for making the jaw-dropping pop-up hotel hadn't even heard of Game of Thrones when they started the ambitious project. The man in charge of the operation, Tomi Kurtakko, had this to say.

"Many of the sculptors, from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Latvia, hadn't followed the hit show, and had to immerse themselves in the characters for the first time."

While the job was incredibly difficult, the show ended up with some brand-new fans after construction was complete. The results of which are astounding. One night on an ice bed at the hotel starts at $240 and runs up to as much as $660 for a suite. Luckily for budget-conscious travelers, the hotel encourages guests not to stay for more than one night because of the freezing temperature. As previously noted, visitors can stop off for a drink and visit without staying the night. But in order to get married there you'll have to stay at least one night. Guests and overnight visitors have until April 8th to get the ultimate freezing Game of Thrones experience.

So far, Game of Thrones fans are overwhelmed by the visuals that have been posted online. The pop-up hotel is truly a work of art and has to be seen to believe. One can only imagine what it looks like in person. Though it might be better to admire from afar because it looks to freezing, which is what you would expect from an ice hotel. You can check out some images from the extraordinary Game of Thrones ice hotel in Finland below, courtesy of the Snow Village's Instagram account.