Last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! aired a sketch imagining a crossover between Full House and Game of Thrones, and the result is so funny you'll be wishing it were really happening. As we all know now, the final episode of Game of Thrones aired Sunday night on HBO, but the show will be expanded upon in at least one spin-off series. One possible spin-off, imagined by the sketch, would brilliantly be called Full House Lannister. Featuring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau reprising the role of Jaime Lannister with Bob Saget and Dave Coulier as Danny Tanner and Joey Gladstone, the parody shows what might happen is Jaime were to move into the Tanner home in San Francisco.

To be clear, the sketch is completely set in the early years of Full House, with Saget and Coulier wearing wigs to look more like how they did at the start of the series in 1989. Instead of featuring John Stamos as Uncle Jesse, however, Coster-Waldau appears as Uncle Jaime, wearing his complete Game of Thrones wardrobe. When Joey struggles to open a tightly-sealed jar of pickles in the familiar Tanner kitchen, Jaime comes in to help by way of using his sword to completely destroy the jar. He then offers his golden hand to Joey, leading to a "Cut it out!" reference.

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Things only get worse (that is, more entertaining) from there. Jaime expresses he is upset, leading to Danny Tanner to deliver one of his trademark heart-to-heart talks with him. When Jaime says he had a fight with his sister, Danny tells him he needs to work things out with her, as they are family. Once Jaime reveals that he had gotten her pregnant, Danny realizes this is not a talk for him, quickly excusing himself from the table. However, Uncle Joey offers some sound advice to Jaime by picking up where Danny left off. "I was going to say, quit f--king your sister," Joey says, which is something Full House fans certainly never thought they'd hear. Finally, the trio recreate the Full House opening, culminating in their deaths due to Drogon's fire breath.

Full House Lannister may be just a joke, but there are in fact rumors about multiple spin-offs of Game of Thrones entering production. At this time, a prequel set 10,000 years in the past has been confirmed, which will touch on how the Night King came to be. The series finale definitely leaves some spin-off wiggle room as well, meaning it's very possible we might see some of the main show's surviving characters again. Even with at least a million fans left unhappy with Season 8, Game of Thrones is a huge moneymaker and TV ratings draw, so it stands to reason HBO is going to want to make as much new content for the franchise as they can.

As for Saget and Coulier, we can see them reprising their roles as Danny and Joey when Fuller House premieres its fifth and final season on Netflix. With no word about the series resuming its life on another network, this could be the final curtain call for the Full House alumni in the classic roles. For now, you can watch the two with Coster-Waldu in Full House Lannister in the YouTube video below, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live.