The online petition for HBO to completely remake the final season of Game of Thrones continues to grow, now garnering well over one million signatures. While one look at social media can give you a clue as to just how many people are unhappy with Season 8, seeing so many names on the petition indicates the gargantuan number of people walking away unsatisfied with the show's curtain call. As of this writing, over 1,200,000 people have signed the petition, and the number continues to rise as the petition draws closer to its goal of 1,500,000 signatures.

Critical reception in the show seemed to take a sharp nosedive when the third episode of the final season was aired, depicting the ultimate battle with the White Walkers. Among other complaints, fans were displeased with darkness obscuring most of the action. Things only got worse for the following three episodes, including last night's series finale. With rotten ratings of 58%, 47%, and 59%, the episodes are among the worst-rated of the show's entire run. It's quite a drop from the near-universal acclaim received by Game of Thrones for the past seven seasons.


The petition to remake Season 8 isn't the only humiliation experienced by Game of Thrones in its final season. Two weeks ago, a latte was clearly shown in a feast scene, as if Daenerys Targaryen had just ordered a drink from Starbucks. After facing ridicule for the blunder, HBO digitally removed the coffee cup from the episode. In the series finale, the show did it again, as fans spotted a plastic water bottle partially hidden behind Samwell Tarly's foot. With so many fans already turning against the series heading into the end, these particular blunders couldn't have came in at a worse time.

Game of Thrones first premiered on HBO in 2011, based on the book series from author George R. R. Martin. While there were some key differences in particular characters and death scenes, the show was mostly faithful to the source material. After catching up with the books, the creative team behind the TV series was then faced with writing new material for the characters with the goal of maintaining the same level of quality. For the most part, they seemed to be successful, as critical reception against the series didn't become so negative until halfway through the final season.


It's extremely unlikely HBO will film Season 8 of Game of Thrones all over again, despite the number of signatures on the controversial petition. The best fans can hope for is that they'll be happier with the upcoming prequel series. Even if the series didn't end the way many fans would have liked, there can certainly be some appreciation for the journey getting us there. There's definitely a certain sadness in knowing we'll never be seeing Arya, Sansa, Jon Snow, Tyrion, and the others ever again. If you want to take a look at the petition for yourself, you can do so over at