Most will agree. Game of Thrones ended on a bad note with a lot of fans, all of whom had their own reasons for disliking the finale. The show neglected some serious subplots in the final few episodes, thus delivering an unexpected ending that left most fans dissatisfied. The series' ending also got fans whom were earlier conflicted on Jon and Daenerys's claim to the throne to unite against the creator's decision of choosing Bran as the king. Which directly contradicted his character's transition into the Three-Eyed Raven. That was just one of the many loopholes in the final season of this George R.R. Martin TV adaptation.

But it seems like Bran's father has agreed upon him becoming the king. Recently, actor Sean Bean, who portrayed Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell in the show, was asked his views on the show's ending in an interview with The Times. However, the first response from Bean was a bit shocking as he admitted he actually never followed on with the show after his character was killed off in the very first season. Displaying his confusion to the reporter, Bean asked about the outcome of the finale, admitting he hadn't watched yet.

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"No. What happened?"

At first, the reporter was hesitant in spoiling the show for Sean, but he insisted saying, "I'll have forgotten by then, go on." Bean expressed his gladness over Winterfell finally becoming an independent kingdom. Bean said, "So did Winterfell stay separate? Oh, good for them." After all, the rituals, ideologies, and people of the North had always deterred themselves from the politics of the South.

Sean Bean wasn't connected to the show for too long, but his character always played a significant role in shaping up its future and in the progression and continuation of the Game of Thrones lore across those eight seasons. Bean's positive reaction to the ending of the show may come from the fact that he was part of the production or that he has not really followed how the events unraveled throughout other seasons after his character's demise. And it wouldn't be right to really blame him for that as he had been busy doing several projects since that show, including his Emmy-Award Winning role in Accused and a BAFTA-winning role in Broken.

It's still really hard to let the fact sink in that Ned Stark, who everyone (or the ones who hadn't read the novels) assumed would lead the North and Westeros to a better future, was killed off in a wrongful execution in the very first season of the show. Though it was Ned's death that led to the enticing and shocking events of the show as we witnessed throughout eight seasons. But, not seeing Sean Bean on-screen was not something all fans would've adjusted to. Every time Ned Stark's name came up during an episode, it always gave a call back to his execution, inducing theories concerning how the events would've unfolded if Ned Stark had been left alive.

Nevertheless, Game of Thrones won big at the Emmy's that year and even went on to win the Best Drama Series for its effective and attractive large-scale production for the final season. Despite the show's mixed reception from critics and fans, the show remains one of the most-watched television series worldwide in history and will remain a fan-favorite for the many jaw-dropping seasons it gave throughout its eight years run on HBO. This news originated at The Times..