Fans had to say goodbye to many favorites on Sunday night's brutal episode of Game of Thrones and because we'll be talking about them today, beware of many SPOILERS below. Called "The Long Night," the third episode of Season 8 was the deadliest installment of the long-running HBO series yet. The White Walkers descending upon Winterfell resulted in a vicious battle, claiming the lives of hundreds and only sparing a small crew of survivors. Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost was presumably among the deceased after disappearing early into the war, but if it helps fans feel better following such an emotional episode, the trailer for next week's show confirms the animal is, in fact, still alive.

On the latest episode, Ghost seemed to meet his demise after Jon ordered him to charge into the darkness towards the White Walkers with the Dothraki. It was only moments later when the entire Dothraki army was defeated, proving to be no match for the Night King's army. Although a stray horse or two was seen emerging from the fog after the attack, Ghost was never seen again. It would seem that the most likely outcome was that the direwolf was killed by the incoming White Walkers, but keen-eyed observers have spotted Ghost in the crowd Winterfell in the preview for the next episode. For more good news, it has also been confirmed Rhaegal the dragon survived as well, as he can be seen flying high with Drogon in the trailer.

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Obviously, not everyone else was so lucky, as many prominent characters bit the dust on Sunday night. Fortunately, many of them went out as heroes, giving them each an awesome moment to go out on. Beric Dondarrion was killed by White Walkers after helping to save Arya's life. Eddison Tollett died while protecting Samwell Tarly. Lyanna Mormont managed to kill a giant White Walker just before it crushed her to death. Jorah went down fighting to protect his beloved queen. Melisandre gave up her immortality following the end of the war. We also have to mention Theon Greyjoy, who managed to earn his redemption just before his death at the hands of the Night King. Saying goodbye to so many great characters at once may be hard for some fans, but for now, at least we know that Ghost somehow pulled through.

Although the episode will go down as possibly the most talked about installment of the entire series, not everybody was impressed. The episode drew some criticism for its dark cinematography, as some fans voiced complaints about not being able to see enough of the action. Other fans are countering that sentiment by suggesting the darkness matched the tone of the episode, making the Night King and his army that much scarier. Even if some opinions are divided, however, nobody can deny that it was one hell of an episode that had millions of people speaking about it the next morning.

The end draws ever near for Game of Thrones, as there are only three episodes of the series left to go. The White Walkers may have been defeated, but chances are we will see many more casualties before all is said and done. It's the end of an era, and the show is definitely going out with a bang. While you wait for the next episode to air on Sunday night, you can watch the trailer for it blow.