Fans finally got what they've waited a long time for on last weekend's Game of Thrones episode. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally came face to face. And it was pretty exciting. Though, maybe not so much for the two actors at the heart of this important meeting. Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington were equally weirded out by the whole scenario. And they recently shared their personal thoughts on the matter.

The two actors, who have been with the show since it kicked off in 2010, met up with Entertainment Weekly, where they both spoke of their shared time on set. They offered new details and insight into the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that went on. And they refer to it as one of the most awkward moments to be filmed yet. As Emilia Clarke describes it, there was a disturbance in the force surrounding Westeros.

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"Both of us were going, 'Ahhh what are you doing on my set!? This is weird! There's another Hair in town, and I don't like it!"

In referencing hair, she is referring to the wigs both actors are required to wear on set in order to bring Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen to life. Kit Harington pretty much felt the same way as his co-star.

"We were both kind of freaking out. I asked Emilia what her dragons were called again."

Kit Harington admitted he was not really up on Dany's story at this point in the series, and needed some assistance in catching up with where her character is, and some of the finer details. The awkwardness wasn't omnipresent throughout the shoot though. Nerves were wrangled, and the two actors gave some of their best work yet in these tense few encounters as seen in last Sunday's episode.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen were tasked with striking some kind of balance in making a working partnership. In making this all spring to life, both actors were overly aware just how much importance fans were placing on these scenes. Harington explains.

"Usually you start working on a movie and meet [a costar] for the first time and you develop chemistry on screen over time. Here, you know somebody for seven years and you've watched their character on screen all that time. So it's a unique experience as an actor to come together and know the world is watching."

The union was one of the most watched moments in Game of Thrones history. The ratings broke records around the world, with 30 million viewers tuning in through all the various HBO network platforms. Kit Harington went onto say this about the newly formed partnership.

"I predicted, like everyone, they would meet this season, but I don't think I predicted it quite as quickly,. But then again, you've got to take yourself out of the mindset of the viewer. As far as Jon knows, he's just meeting this queen he's heard of and trying to negotiate with her, he's not meeting Daenerys, who the audience has been watching for so many years. That helps with the surprise of it. He walks into the room and doesn't expect to see such a beautiful young woman of similar age to him. Any young man's reaction is going to be, 'Okay...' but he puts that aside because he has to."

Game of Thrones will continue its seventh season this Sunday with the fourth new episode of the year Spoils of War. HBO was recently hacked, which saw the script for this episode leak online early. And just this past Friday, the episode itself started to show up early. Most fans have decided to wait until Sunday to enjoy it though, the way it was intended.