It's been a little while since we've seen a truly great and massive TV crossover event. The CW is regularly crossing over their Arrowverse shows, but those aren't landmark moments in TV history and aren't incredibly memorable. A Doctor Who and Game of Thrones crossover? That, on the other hand, would be incredibly memorable and probably a huge deal. If Peter Capaldi had his way, he'd like to see it happen.

The actor, who is retiring as the Doctor following the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, recently spoke with Radio Times and talked quite a bit about his time on the show and the future. During the conversation, Capaldi revealed that, if he had his way, he'd love to see Doctor Who crossover with HBO's Game of Thrones. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"Well I'd like to see Game of Thrones. I think the Doctor would be like 'White Walkers? What White Walkers? Where are they, these White Walkers? Point me at the White Walkers.'"

Doctor Who and Game of Thrones are incredibly different shows, but at the same time, they do have quite a bit in common. For one, they are both massive, global hits. Granted, Game of Thrones currently dwarfs anything else on the planet, but Doctor Who has been a huge show for a very long time now. That said, both shows have massive followings and could bring quite a bit to a crossover. The real question is, could it actually work?

Peter Capaldi doesn't appear to be taking the idea overly seriously, but he does sort of nail the tone with his comment. If it were to happen, we would be seeing the world of Game of Thrones through totally different eyes and from a completely different perspective. Doctor Who is serious at times, but it also has a good deal of levity. So getting to see the world of Westeros through the Doctor's eyes would present Game of Thrones fans with something new. It probably wouldn't be canon, but it could work. The Doctor is a Time Lord and can travel anywhere at any time. So why not Westeros?

Doctor Who is gearing up for a big shift as Jodie Whittaker is going to takeover as the Doctor for season 11, making her the first female Doctor in the history of the show. The beloved BBC sci-fi series is also bringing in a new showrunner, with Chris Chibnall taking over for longtime showrunner Steven Moffat. Game of Thrones season 7 just wrapped up and will be airing its final season next year. HBO is developing several potential spin-offs, but they are going to want to capitalize on the series for as long as they possibly can. Granted, this isn't overly realistic, but a crossover with Doctor Who would be one way to do it. Who wouldn't want to see Jon Snow hanging out with the Doctor?