One of the biggest shows in the history of television is finally making its way to 4K in its entirety. Game of Thrones The Complete Collection box set is available for pre-order now and contains every episode of the hit HBO fantasy series. While the show is available to purchase in 4K already season by season, this gives fans the chance to grab it all in one swoop, while also offering up a couple of options for a collector's set.

Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection is currently available for pre-order at both Best Buy and Amazon. Unfortunately, for the time being, there are few details in terms of what the box set will include. Best Buy has an exclusive steelbook edition, which is retailing for $240. Amazon, meanwhile, has a version of the set as well. The pre-orders were originally set at $255 but, as of this writing, are already down to $210. Amazon is known to fluctuate its prices frequently, which is worth taking into account for those interested in scooping this up.


Box art has been revealed for both sets. For what it's worth, the Best Buy set appears to have more bells and whistles in regards to the art and packaging. Whether or not any retailer exclusive bonus features will be included remains to be seen. Though that is common these days for big Blu-ray releases, so that may be something to pay attention to as that could dictate how one chooses to purchase the set.

HBO managed to score a truly massive hit with Game of Thrones when it debuted in 2011. Adapted from George R.R. Martin's novels, the fantasy series proved to be a huge success both critically and commercially, gaining popularity until it hit critical mass heading into the final season. Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, however, dropped the ball with season 8, which aired in 2019. Many fans and critics were not satisfied, to say the very least of it, with how the show ended things. That put an unfortunate asterisk next to the show's legacy in the history books.


Be that as it may, GoT remains one of the most successful shows in history. As such, HBO is already moving full-steam ahead on a new spin-off titled House of the Dragon. It will take place hundreds of years before the events of the main series and has already been given a series commitment. HBO had previously filmed a different pilot that was not picked up to series. The network had, at one point, as many as five different spin-offs/prequels at various stages of development. For those interested, Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection is available for pre-order now at Best Buy and Amazon.

Game of Thrones Complete Collection 4K Box Set
Game of Thrones Complete Collection 4K Box Set
Game of Thrones Complete Collection 4K Box Set