In the role of the despicable Ramsay Bolton, actor Iwan Rheon played possibly the most hated character on Game of Thrones ever, which is saying something. But Rheon's recent interview with NME is likely to outrage a certain section of fans more than anything Ramsay ever did. During the interview, the actor defended the much-maligned final season of Game of Thrones as some of the best television he had ever seen.

"It was always gonna be divisive. I don't think it was gonna be any other way, to be honest. Obviously, you can't please everyone. I felt that they made a very strong decision to where they thought the season would go and I think they went with it and told the story really well. I thought the Battle of Winterfell was absolute genius, the best television I've ever seen. I thought it was really brave and they went for it."

In a way, Iwan Rheon is right in pointing out that an ending for such a popular show, with so many dangling plot threads and so many character arcs to wrap up, was never going to please everyone. But that has not stopped fans from demanding that HBO redo the entire eighth season to make it more palatable via an online petition, a demand that Rheon dubbed "hilarious", while wondering "Who was doing the petition - Jeff Bezos?"


In the final season of Game of Thrones, audiences discovered that the killer of the dreaded Night King was not going to be Jon Snow, but rather his little sister Arya. They also discovered that the ruler of King's Landing was not going to be Jon Snow, but rather his little brother Bran. Basically, the most useful thing Jon did all through the season was kill Daenerys after the Mother of Dragons goes on a totally unanticipated rampage that killed thousands.

All those plot points were had to digest for longtime fans, who protested that none of the story choices made sense based on what we know about the characters and their motivations. Over time, certain cast members have also come out to declare they were less than pleased with the end of the show, like Tywin Lannister actor Charles Dance. While Rheon has his own opinion on the final season of Game of Thrones, he is willing to let his fellow actors have theirs as well.

"There's always controversy and loyalty, but I guess at the end of the day [Dance is] entitled to his own opinion, as any fan is. I've got no problem with him saying what he wants to say, and what should anyone? It's his opinion."

While a redoing of the final season of the show is highly unlikely, even if we do live in a world where Zack Snyder is getting an additional $70 million to redo his 2017 movie Justice League, the world of Game of Thrones will continue with a planned prequel series named House of the Dragon that is currently in the works. Hopefully, that show will be able to stick the landing better than its predecessor. This news comes from NME.