After everything we've heard so far about Sunday night's Game of Thrones episode, dubbed Battle of the Bastards, it's shaping up to be one of the show's most memorable hours. A few months before the season debuted, writer-producer Bryan Cogman teased that one episode will feature the biggest battle in TV history, which, barring an even bigger battle in the season finale, will happen in this weekend's episode, when Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Sansa Stark's (Sophie Turner) army faces Ramsay Bolton's army to determine who will hold Winterfell. As the countdown to this epic episode continues, two of the show's stars shed some new light on Battle of the Bastards, while one of the show's directors addresses a long-standing rumor.


When the Battle of the Bastards title was announced, it didn't take much deduction to realize that this battle would be between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. Many fans consider Ramsay to be the most despicable villain in all of Westeros, but like many characters on the show, he's relegated to a certain area and doesn't often get to interact with several of the other characters. During a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor revealed that he has always wanted to have scenes with Kit Harington's Jon Snow.

"Anyone who has asked me, 'Who would you like Ramsay to meet?' My answer has always been, 'Jon Snow.' He's the antithesis of Ramsay. They're almost a yin and a yang. They both come from such a similar place yet they're so different. And even though they're enemies, they've both risen so far as bastards, which is almost incomprehensible, and now they're both here facing each other. They couldn't be any more different, yet more similar."

On the other side of this Battle of the Bastards will be Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham). We've gotten brief glimpses of this battle in the trailers and photos that have been released, but, according to Liam Cunningham, this siege for Winterfell has exceeded all of his expectations. Here's what he had to say below, teasing that the episode looks like a $200 million movie.

"In my opinion, Miguel, David and Dan have exceeded what I saw on the pre-viz. It's possibly going to be the most talked about episode of the entire story, of any season. I can't tell you the air of expectation I have on this. I have every confidence that it's going to be as magnificent as what I saw being filmed. Just to give a bit of background, we were brought in by Miguel and those involved --- and this would have been probably late summer of last year --- and they had the pre-viz and storyboards. I remember when they showed it to us, it was like a Hollywood blockbuster. It was something you would expect from a $200 million movie. I remember having a joke with Miguel at the time, saying, 'Well, you're aiming pretty low here, aren't you?' We were both laughing about it, but he said, 'We're going to see if we can get as much of that as we possibly can.'"

In related Game of Thrones news, there has long been a rumor about a character from George R.R. Martin novels making an appearance on the show, Lady Stoneheart. In the George R.R. Martin books, Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley), who was killed during the Red Wedding, is resurrected as this character. After actor Jóhannes Haukur (Lemoncloak) posted a video of him reading from the books that ties into Lady Stoneheart, IGN asked director Mark Mylod if there is a chance we may see Lady Stoneheart in the last two episodes. Here's what he had to say below.

"You know, it doesn't -- certainly not with me. I'm not in the writers room, and I can honestly say, hand over heart, that I have not had one discussion about Lady Stoneheart. So I have no idea what's going on in David and Dan's minds. We tend to speak -- there's an old adage about "Play the moment, not the future," and because I'm such a massive fan myself, I'll often get carried away talking or discussing future beats for the characters and then have to pull myself back because of course, in terms of actually playing the reality of the moment, these characters cannot see the future. They cannot see their own destiny. You can only play the truth of the moment in front of you."

After the Battle of the Bastards airs this weekend, the show's Season 6 finale The Winds of Winter will air on Sunday, June 26. HBO has already confirmed that it will be the longest episode in the show's history, at 69 minutes long, although no plot details have been revealed quite yet. Stay tuned for more on Game of Thrones as Season 6 winds down.