The latest Game of Thrones spin-off report comes with good news and bad news for fans of the franchise. To get rid of the bad news early, it would appear that one of the many live-action prequels that was in development has now bit the dust. Flea Bottom, which was to be based on the slums of King's Landing, is now not moving forward, with sources revealing that it was always the least likely of the published ideas to get the green light from HBO. However, the good news is that HBO Max are expanding the animation arm of their Thrones output.

It seems to be a bit of a trend of late for adult based franchises to be given animated entries, with the likes of Resident Evil getting full blown animated series on Netflix, and Star Wars and Marvel both dipping into the animated pot soon. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the single animated project announced by HBO back in January has now been joined by two other potential series in the same vein.

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The first of these new projects is based in The Golden Empire of Yi Ti, a new territory to those who have only watched the TV series. Yi Ti is a region of Essos, near the south of the "known world" in George R. R. Martin's fantasy world, and is mostly inspired by Imperial China. While the new realm only had a fleeting mention in the original Game of Thrones series, it could well make an appearance in the upcoming House of The Dragon as one of the characters, Lord Corlys Velaryon the "Sea Snake", sailed to Yi Ti. With a whole series being planned about the place, it does seem likely that it could feature in some way in the live action prequel that comes before it.

There is no word as yet on what the second project will be about, and HBO have not yet commented on either series, but it would fit with the overall expansion of the HBO adult animation slate, which recently added an animated Batman series by JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves. With the Game of Thrones franchise one of HBO's big properties, there are likely to be a lot more projects like this being discussed in the future, while all fans really want is for Martin to complete his book series in a way that satisfies them more than the series did.

Of the known prequel series' that are in discussion at HBO, House of the Dragon is the only project that is 100% certain to be arriving on screens next year, telling the story of the Targaryen Civil War. The prequel may not solve the issues of how the last Targaryen met her end in the main series, but at least it may distract from it. Other series in the works are 10,000 Ships, which focuses on an ancestor of House Martell and 9 Voyages, following Valaryon who appears in House of the Dragon, played by Steve Toussaint. Whether all of these make it to screen is unclear, but all will likely become clearer depending on the numbers House of the Dragon brings in next year. This news arrives from The Hollywood Reporter.