It was announced back in August that The League star Paul Scheer had signed on to write that often talked about Galaxy Quest TV show for Amazon and now he has revealed a little bit about what we're in for when the show finally makes its debut. As it turns out, the first season will be more serialized as opposed to episodic and will be a direct sequel to the original movie. This is definitely exciting news for fans of Galaxy Quest who have been waiting years to see a television adaptation.

In a recent interview with SlashFilm, Paul Scheer revealed that he has just turned in the first script for the Galaxy Quest TV show while also giving away a few details about the story. In addition to being a direct sequel to the original movie, the show will also feature two different casts that will eventually meet up at some point in the series. Scheer had this to say.

"Right now, I just handed in my first script to Amazon, so I'm in that zone. I'm excited about it. It's a bigger idea that's kind of morphed and changed a little bit. Not much. The thing I keep on saying about it, without giving too much away - because it's going to be so long before people get to see it, I don't want people to get too burnt out on me telling you what it's about before it gets to that point - but for me, it was really important to do service to a Galaxy Quest story that gives you everything that you want and indoctrinates people who have never seen Galaxy Quest into what the fun of that world is. That Tropic ThunderGalaxy Quest world. And also to continue the story of our original characters and have consequences from the first film."

It's important to note that Scheer says that it's still going to be a little while longer before we see the TV show. It's refreshing to see someone attached to a project not make a bunch of promises that can't be delivered after years in development.


Paul Scheer went on to say that he didn't want to take on the project to just give it the ordinary reboot treatment and that he's trying to do something "real" with the project. Scheer will be bringing in elements from the Galaxy Quest movie and adding in his own spin on what happened afterwards. He explains.

"So it is mixing two casts. It's separate kind of adventures that kind of merge, and I'm looking at this first season not as episodic, but as a serialized story. So, the only way I've been looking at it is, using everything from the first movie and making the reasons for everything not just - I want to avoid anything that could be viewed as a reboot for reboot's sake. There are real reasons behind these choices - maybe too much so."

Over the course of the interview Pail Scheer reiterated that he's only just turned his first script in to Amazon, who is developing the project for its steaming service. No further casting news has been confirmed as of now, but based on what we're hearing so far, it's probably not out of the question that some original cast members will be involved in some way. Initial talks for the show stopped when Alan Rickman passed away in 2016.


Galaxy Quest came out in 1999 and was a modest box office success, but has since turned into a cult classic. The movie revolves around the cast of a defunct cult television series called Galaxy Quest, in which the crew of a spaceship embarked on intergalactic adventures, who are suddenly visited by actual aliens who believe the show to be an accurate documentary, and become involved in a very real intergalactic conflict. Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shaloub, Sam Rockwell, and Daryl Mitchell starred in the movie and hopefully we see a return of some sort in the upcoming Amazon TV series. You can read more about Paul Scheer's upcoming Galaxy Quest TV series via SlashFilm.