Canadian actor Gabe Khouth, perhaps best known for his performances in Once Upon a Time and the It mini-series, has passed away at the age of 46. As revealed by fellow actor and personal friend Peter Kalamis on Twitter, Khouth had suffered from what appeared to be cardiac arrest while riding his motorcycle on July 32 and died as a result. "Gabe ALWAYS put a smile on everyone's face," Kalamis says in the Twitter post. He adds: "My deepest condolences to his Family and friends RIP-You kind, kind soul."

Khouth began his acting career in 1989, landing roles on classic TV shows like 21 Jump Street and MacGyver. His first major role came in the It mini-series from 1990, which was of course based on the Stephen King novel. In the mini-series, Khouth played Victor Criss, a young bully killed along with his friend Belch Huggins (Chris Eastman) by the titular creature in the sewers of Derry. The next year, he picked up his first recurring role on a TV series by starring as Michael on the drama series Northwood. By the end of the '90s, Khouth had also become a ninja turtle by portraying Leonardo in the TV series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation and starred alongside Jim Varney in the classic comedy Ernest Goes to School.

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By the new millennium, Khouth had been working regularly as a voiceover actor as well. He picked up recurring voice roles in Infinite Ryvius and Star Ocean EX, also playing the villainous Arcade in X-Men: Evolution. In the years since, Khouth has lent his voice to many roles in various animated TV shows, including Fruit Ninja, Beyblade Burst, and Dragonball Z. Khouth can also be heard in video games like Dead Rising 2 and the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation video game adaptation. His final voice acting role was for last year's animated series Nina's World.

In addition to his voiceover work, Khouth regularly appeared on television as well. He starred in one of his most memorable roles as Sneezy the dwarf in the ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time, which was a recurring part that saw Khouth in the role throughout the course of the series. Also going by the name Tom Clark, the character first appeared in the pilot episode of the show, and he was always very likeable with Khouth in the role. During this time, Khouth would also show up in guest roles on popular TV shows like Supernatural, iZombie, and the Netflix adaptation of Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events. Ultimately, the actor's final performance came in an episode of The Crossing in 2018

At just 46 years old, Khouth leaves us far too soon, and he's already missed. During this difficult time, our thoughts are with Khouth's family and friends. Though the actor's life was cut short, his legacy will live on through his dozens of performances and we thank Khouth for his contributions. News of Khouth's death was originally revealed by Peter Kalamis on Twitter.