Courtesy of a new teaser video posted to Twitter, it's looking like the G4 network is coming back next year after previously going off the air in 2014. Essentially known as the "video game network," G4 was famous with gamers for providing television coverage on the hottest games in the industry at that time. Now, about six years after the network had become defunct, it's apparent that plans have been made to resurrect G4 in some form, as the official Twitter account for the network has posted a teaser video promoting some kind of return for the network next year.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear when exactly the network will return, or if it will even be back on television or if it will be resurrected in a different medium. Beyond officially confirming the revival, the teaser video itself offers very little information. After highlighting some moving backdrops of video game-style locations, the clip culminates with a zoom on a television with the classic video gamePong playing on the screen. The G4 logo is then brandished, followed by another message stating, "2021." An additional message reads, "We never stopped playing." Chances are, most people who enjoyed watching G4 haven't put down their controllers in the meantime, either.

The official Twitter accounts for the G4 shows X-Play and Attack of the Show also shared the same video, and this suggests these fan favorite programs will also be featured on the new G4. It's hard to tell for sure, but some curious tweets from former G4 personalities could also mean we'll be seeing some familiar faces back on the network as well. Adam Sessler, who was well known for hosting X-Play for many years, shared the clip on his own Twitter account, adding: "Well, this is [a] curious turn of events." Former X-Play and Attack of the Show host Blair Herter also shared the teaser along with a sunglasses emoji.

Under the ownership of Comcast, G4 launched in 2002. Geared toward young adults, the network was developed with a specific focus on video games, literally launching the channel with a week-long Pong marathon. Various shows offered by the network provided reviews and news concerning video games of every genre. Some programs even provided cheat codes and video tips to help players succeed, and these shows were especially helpful in the days before YouTube tutorials were a thing. In 2012, G4 was given a major overhaul following the merger between Comcast and NBC Universal, leading to declined interest and the show's eventual demise at the end of 2014.

What remains to be seen is if G4 will be coming back as a television network, or if the revival will be done through other means. An internet channel or streaming service seem to be other possibilities, but with no other information to go by, we'll just have to wait to find out more. What is clear is that there will be many gamers out there tremendously excited about the returns of classic G4 shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show. This news comes to us from G4 on Twitter.