Summer is over, but the future is near! Get ready for the one-hour mid-season finale of Futurama with two episodes back-to-back Wednesday, August 29. "31st Century Fox" with guest star Patrick Stewart airs at 10:00 PM, and "Naturama" debuts at 10:30 PM.

In "31st Century Fox", Bender becomes a fox hunting enthusiast, joining the Huntmaster (guest star Patrick Stewart) on a high-class outing. But his love of the hunt turns to outrage when he realizes they are hunting not a regular flesh-and-blood fox, but rather a poor, innocent robot fox. Determined to take a stand for robot rights, he sets out to sabotage the next hunt only to find his plan has gone horribly wrong when he himself becomes the hunted.


In a three-part extravaganza entitled "Naturama", the Futurama crew members are reborn as wild animals struggling for survival in their native habitats. First, "Salmon Fry" faces vicious predators, towering waterfalls, and the obnoxious "Salmon Zapp Brannigan" as he races upstream to mate with the lovely one-eyed "Salmon Leela." Next, "Tortoise Professor" - an ancient and nearly extinct Galapagos tortoise - makes an epic journey to track down the last surviving female of his species. Finally, the huge, blubber-filled "Elephant Seal Bender" battles to the death to keep all other males away from his vast harem of adoring females.