With the final season of Fuller House wrapping up production, Andrea Barber has commented on the firing of co-star Lori Loughlin. Because of the serious legal trouble Loughlin and her husband are dealing with, the actress was sacked by Netflix, nixing any potential appearance from Aunt Becky for the show's final season. For big fans of the show and its predecessor Full House, Becky's absence will be very noticeable, especially with John Stamos appearing as her husband, Uncle Jesse. Barber, who plays Kimmy Gibbler on the series, says about Loughlin's firing on the latest Watch With Us podcast.

"It's very sad. She was a big part of Fuller House. She wasn't in every episode, but her presence was definitely felt. We loved every single time she came on the set. So we have definitely felt her absence this season."

Barber's comments echo what some of her Fuller House co-stars have said about Lori Loughlin's legal trouble in the past. Last month, Danny Tanner actor Bob Saget said he doesn't "cut people out" in an interview with Fox News, adding that he loves her but was underqualified to speak about her case. Soon after the news first hit, some of the other cast members alluded to the situation at Nickelodeon's 2019 Kid's Choice Awards by saying family sticks together "no matter what." Speaking with Us, Barber was a little less vague, describing the difficulties in moving on without Loughlin.

"We wish it wasn't that way, and we wish she could be here because it definitely feels like there's a hole in our hearts and a hole on our set. But we understand that this is the decision that was made, and we respect it. But she's always in our hearts forever. Every time we step on stage, she's in our hearts."

Loughlin had portrayed Aunt Becky in the original Full House series, becoming a part of the family by marrying Jesse and moving into the attic of the Tanner household. Along with the rest of the cast (sans Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen), Loughlin returned to reprise the role for the Netflix revival series Fuller House, making several special appearances. Soon after the news of the college admissions cheating scandal had broken, Netflix revealed they had no plans to use Becky for the upcoming final season of the show, effectively firing Loughlin. Hallmark would also follow suit by removing the actress as the lead from the series When Calls the Heart.


According to the allegations against Lori Loughlin, the actress and her husband had participated in a bribery scheme to ensure their daughters would be guaranteed enrollment at a prestigious college. Among dozens of other parents charged was Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman, who pleaded guilty and took on full responsibility to the charges against her. She has since been released after serving her sentence. Loughlin is taking another route by pleading not guilty, preferring to take her chances with a jury rather than accept guilt for the crime. Time will tell if this turns out to be the right decision.


Fuller House has finished filming its fifth and final season as of Friday. We'll see if the series will actually address Becky's absence with a storyline explanation, or if the character will simply be ignored. In any case, it will be weird not having her there to close out the Tanner family saga. This news comes to us from Us.