After wrapping production on the fifth and final season of Fuller House, John Stamos took to Instagram to reflect on his time spent filming the Full House reboot series. In the post, Stamos writes a touching message about his experience revisiting Uncle Jesse and includes several behind-the-scenes photos with his Fuller House co-stars. In many of the photos, ousted cast member Lori Loughlin poses with the Stamos and her other co-stars from the series, recognizing the actress as a part of the team for her work on the show's first four seasons. You can take a peek at the Instagram post below.

Here's what Stamos said in the caption of the Instagram post:

"The end of an era...again. Last night was [the] final taping of Fuller House. When every single network and streamer said no to a Full House re-boot, (and I mean ALL of them) Netflix said yes! And they were kind enough to let us play for five seasons! That's a lot of seasons for a Netflix show now a days, but not nearly enough for us. Regardless, we are grateful. I am especially grateful to the cast and crew for keeping the legacy alive and adding so much love to it. Whether you are new to the Full/Fuller House universe or you've been with us since the beginning, I can't thank you enough for keeping the franchise alive, the characters alive, but most importantly, the love alive between all of us that shines out to all of you. Decency is at an all time low, and discord at an all time high-thank God for family television like Fuller House! It's been a laugh and a tear - I am grateful to the fans FOREVER! Love and mercy, John."

Recently, Kimmy Gibber actress Andrea Barber spoke directly about Loughlin's absence from the final season of Fuller House as well. When asked about Lori Loughlin's firing, Barber said it left a "hole in our hearts and a hole on our set," noting how difficult it was for the cast to move on without her. Barber, Candace Cameron Bure, and Jodie Sweetin also indirectly referenced their support for Loughlin in the wake of her legal issues, saying that "family sticks together no matter what" at this year's Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards. The cast members seem to understand and respect the decision from Netflix to let Loughlin go, but as on the show, Loughlin is still apparently considered to be part of the family.

Back in March, Loughlin and her husband were named as part of a college admissions bribery scandal which accused them of paying $500,000 to ensure their two daughters' enrollment at USC. The situation also saw Hallmark firing Loughlin from the series When Calls the Heart, leaving Loughlin completely out of a job. The two are now facing some serious jail time and are taking their chances at trial by pleading not guilty. Considering Felicity Huffman has already done her time and put the incident behind her by previously pleading guilty, Loughlin's decision to go another route has drawn a lot of criticism of its own. As far as what will happen with Loughlin pending the outcome of the trial, that's for a judge to ultimately decide.

The fifth and final season of Fuller House will premiere on Netflix in 2020, with an exact date yet to be revealed. It's certainly going to feel like something is missing without Aunt Becky making an appearance in the show's last season, but Loughlin still clearly has the support of her television family in the midst of her serious legal troubles. This news comes to us from John Stamos on Instagram.

Jeremy Dick at TVweb
Jeremy Dick