ThumbCandy has debuted three new images for their new series Fright Club, a digital prank series that airs exclusively on Snapchat. The show has already aired its first two episodes on October 26 and October 28, with the third debuting today, October 30, but in honor of Halloween, all three episodes will come back from the dead on October 31, in a rare departure from Snapchat's policy of disappearing content. The photos offer a quick glimpse at how terrified some of these unsuspecting victims are.

Fright Club is an epic Halloween event series on Snapchat Discover, which is the first ever vertical hidden camera show. This hidden camera series shows what happens when a number of unsuspecting victims are messed with in terrifying ways. One of the new episodes that launched on this channel features a number of people who are brought in to help box up a number of antique dolls, although what they don't realize is that some of these creepy dolls actually come to life. The show is only available through the Snapchat app, which you can download below before checking out these photos.

ThumbCandy hasn't revealed how many episodes this series will run for in its first season, or if there are plans for a second season in the works. Prank shows like Impractical Jokers and Walk the Prank are still quite popular, so it makes sense that Snapchat would try to find a way to tap into this genre for its younger audience. We even learned earlier this month that Game of Thrones star Kit Harington pulled off an epic prank on April Fool's Day, although his fiancee, former Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie wasn't too thrilled to find a replica version of Kit's severed head in their fridge.

This series is part of a new wave of content that is being developed through the Snapchat Discover initiative, including ThumbCandy's Nail the Look, The Dating Pool and The WWE Show that delves into World Wrestling Entertainment. With more and more programming airing through non-traditional methods like streaming services and YouTube, these Snapchat shows could very well represent a wave of the future. ThumbCandy also has shows like Make Up or Break Up that airs on Facebook, Fluffy's Food Adventures and another show called Medium Rare that will be coming soon to a mobile platform.

The Halloween holiday as a whole has become a much bigger market for new programming, with NBC debuting a highly-anticipated David S. Pumpkins Halloween special over the weekend, with Tom Hanks returning to voice his iconic title character who was first introduced in a sketch on Saturday Night Live last October. For fans looking for some good quality prank scares, you can look no further than this Fright Club series, which you can check out right now on SnapChat. Take a look at the new photos from this series below.

Fright Club Photo 1
Fright Club Photo 2
Fright Club Photo 3
Fright Club Photo 4