Ah, Friends. 90s kids were nostalgic for it as all episodes debuted on Netflix. Then a certain group of outspoken individuals started complaining about the jokes, calling them outdated and insensitive. Those tenderhearted individuals were even more hurt by the stinging laugh track that accompanied some of these so-called antiquated jokes. While most fans still love the antics of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler, one enterprising young upstart decided to do something about that obnoxious laugh track that was just as insensitive as some of the dated one-liners about lesbians, nannies and sex.

Yes, Rory Strahan-Mauk has taken it upon himself to change out the dated guffaws and chuckles from the live studio audience and replace those with the iconic and instantly recognizable laugh of one Seth Rogen. And the results are quite amazing. It's almost like Seth Rogen is right there in the room watching with you.

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The footage on display is from Episode 13 of Season 10, the show's final run. It's called 'The One Where Joey Speaks French'. The clip opens with Phoebe returning from her honeymoon with Mike. The gang is all gathered at the Central Perk for trading some quick quips. Phoebe sits down and is quickly interrogated by her pals. She offers insight into her romantic getaway with Mike, their candle lit dinners and their late moonlight walks. Chandler asks where Mike is, and Phoebe swings with the stinger, 'Oh, he's at the doctor. He didn't poop the whole time we were there.'

Yes, Friends delivers poop jokes in its final season. And guess what? Seth Rogen thinks it's absolutely hilarious. He erupts in that beaming, rough, weed-laced laugh that we've all come to know and love so well, and it certainly makes this sitcom 100% better. Phoebe realizes she wasn't supposed to say anything, and changes her story. 'He's at a gig.' Chandler chimes in with, 'A gig we are definitely not going to.' And this really hits Seth in the funny bone. It becomes apparent that this isn't just the same Seth Rogen laugh over and over again, but one big session of laughs with each one as individual and unique as the next.

The episode goes on for another 30 seconds with more jokes and laughs as Joey explains to Phoebe that he needs her Yoda like tutelage in learning how to speak French. Seth thinks this stuff is a real knee slapper. Though, who knows how those angry millennials will respond to the material. Is it any less offensive when Seth Rogen laughs at it.

Friends was always kind of banal for its time, and if certain millennials find the jokes here offensive, wait until they get a load of Married...With Children. Their spines are going to slide out of their back skin, and they will melt into a pile of mush on the floor. Perhaps Netflix can go in and fix their entire 10 Season run of Friends and replace all the laugh tracks with Seth Rogen. We think the world would be a better place for it.