The hit NBC sitcom Friends has endured as a time-honored favorite, 12 years after it went off the air. The show made headlines earlier this year when stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer came back together for a Friends reunion, as part of an NBC TV special honoring the work of TV director James Burrows. While it remains to be seen when the next reunion will happen, a new trivia tidbit has been released that may surprise even die-hard fans. The series finale features a subtle connection to the 1990 big-screen classic Home Alone.

While both Friends and Home Alone were set in New York, this surprising connection goes much deeper than just a shared metropolis. 22 Vision has put together a very intriguing video that proves the suburban house that Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) buy in the series finale, is actually the McCallister home from the hit Home Alone movies. While we never see the actual exterior of the home that Chandler and Monica buy, there is some damning evidence revealed in this video that proves Monica and Chandler are living in the McCallister home.

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There is a scene from the Friends series finale where Monica, Chandler and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) walk into the living room of this home, and the background shown in the windows of this house is exactly what one would see if they were in the McCallister home. Just like in Home Alone, there is a blue house across the street with a wreath hanging from the door, and you can also see the identical garage from Murphy's (Jeffrey Wiseman) house across the street as well in another shot from the finale. In case you're wondering how this happened, there is a perfectly good explanation.

22 Vision theorizes that the hit sitcom used stock footage from the 1990 theatrical blockbuster for their series finale, which aired in 2004, assuming that viewers won't notice that this background footage was pilfered from Home Alone, but 22 Vision noticed, 12 years later. Of course, this doesn't necessarily change anything regarding the story for either the Friends series finale or Home Alone, but it certainly could be the seed for some interesting possibilities, if there ever were to be another reunion special for Friends or Home Alone.

Friends was back in the news last year when series star Lisa Kudrow joined pop music icon Taylor Swift on stage to sing the now-iconic song Smelly Cat from the series. Fans can currently watch all 236 episodes of the beloved sitcom on Netflix, so perhaps there are more hidden gems from this show just waiting for more eagle-eyed fans to discover them. While we wait for even more Friends Easter Eggs, take a look at this video which offers plenty of evidence that Friends has a bizarre connection to Home Alone.