If you've been holding out hope for a Freaks and Geeks reunion, now would be the time to let it go. Martin Starr, who is currently a cast member on HBO's Silicon Valley and formerly starred on the cult NBC series has put any chance of a reunion ever happening to bed. The actor had this to say during a recent panel appearance when asked about the possibility of a Freaks and Geeks reunion.

"Definitely not. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm going to break this to you the only way I know how. Definitely no way in hell."

Way to let everyone down easy. Networks have been eager to revive old shows lately in the hopes that giving audiences something familiar will help give them an edge over the competition. Freaks and Geeks wasn't a huge hit at the time for NBC, lasting just one season, but it has remained in the public consciousness for nearly two decades now and that makes it seem like a revival or reunion of some kind may be viable. However, Martin Starr says that a reunion would only serve to disappoint.

"I don't think you'd be happy! I'm going to try and talk you out of it. You wouldn't enjoy it if it happened. Just imagine, we're a bunch of ugly old people now. We're not the kids you look back and are like, 'That's just like me! I was awkward and weird in high school.' Now we're like s*** pigs, grown a** s*** pigs."

The series has a pretty amazing pedigree. It was created by Paul Feig and executive produced by Judd Apatow. In addition to Starr, the series cast included the likes of Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Jason Segel, Samm Levine, Lizzy Caplan and John Francis Daley. Still, NBC didn't have a lot of confidence in it at the time and the creators were certain it would be canceled. That being the case, as Starr explains, it was essentially shot as one long movie and was meant to be conclusive.

"They shot things the way they shot things to protect us. But ultimately, that was it! They really intended for it to be this 18-episode movie. I'm so proud and fortunate to have been a part of it, but I don't think that it would live up to any expectation if we were to find a way into those characters again."

Despite the fact that Martin Starr offers nothing in the way of hope, he did end on an encouraging note to fans. "But you can dream about it. Please, write your fan fiction. I'll read it! I'll gladly do a reading. We'll get a reading together for you no problem! Let's do a fan fiction episode 19," Starr said. Hey, a fan fiction table reading wouldn't be a bad consolation prize, right? That would at least be a reunion of sorts. This news comes to us courtesy of The Wrap.