Kelsey Grammer has offered some details regarding the plot of Paramount's upcoming Frasier revival, details which should give fans a much better idea of what the show will involve. Following the announcement of the revival, fans have been wondering where the new series will find Frasier. Much like the character's other appearances, which moved the blustery psychiatrist from Boston to Seattle, the revival series will once again find the good doctor in a brand-new setting where, by the sounds of it, he has found serious success.

"He thinks he's gonna go off and do one thing, and sure enough, his life takes him in another direction. And he ends up rich beyond his dreams."
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Created as a spin-off of Cheers, Frasier continues the story of psychiatrist Frasier Crane as he returns to his hometown of Seattle and starts building a new life as a radio show host. Much of the show's charm comes from the relationship between Frasier and his brother Niles, played by David Hyde Pierce, a fellow psychiatrist, as well as his father Martin, played by John Mahoney, a retired police officer.

Sadly, Mahoney passed away in 2018, leaving fans to wonder how the revival series will approach the absence of Frasier's beloved father. Kelsey Grammer has now revealed that the new series will indeed acknowledge the actor's passing early on saying, "We intend to deal with that some in the first episode."

Frasier came to an end with season 11 back in 2004, with the character leaving for Chicago in hopes of reuniting with Charlotte, the woman he has fallen in love with. During its run, Frasier was critically acclaimed, with the show itself and the cast winning thirty-seven Primetime Emmy Awards, and winning the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series for five consecutive years.

It is still unknown whether any of the other original cast will return for Paramount+'s revival of Frasier, though Kelsey Grammer has now said that he has "reached out to everybody," but so far, no one has signed on. Previously, Grammer revealed a much more promising update in terms of their potential return saying, "We're doing our best to woo all the actors back and we have a couple things in mind there and I think it's looking pretty good!" More specifically, Grammer teased a comeback for Bebe Neuwirth's fan-favorite character, Lilith Sternin, Frasier's expertly deadpan ex-wife. "I'm sure if Bebe wants to grace us with her presence, we'd love to have her do a couple shows, I'm sure," Grammer said.

Bringing Frasier back to screens is something that Kelsey Grammer has been trying to get off the ground for years now. Despite the amount of time that has passed since audiences last spent time in Frasier's company, the actor has assured that, while some things will have changed, the character will be largely the same. "There's going to be some nuances that are different, but of course it will be the same basic guy. We've got a script and we're doing a polish on it," he said recently.

The Frasier revival does not yet have a release date but is expected to be released in 2022 on Paramount+.