Get ready to return to the world of Fraggle Rock, Henson fans! In a world full of CGI creatures and superheroes galore, HBO is giving us some good old fashioned puppet fun. It was announced today that HBO is released digitally remastered versions of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock later this year.

Deadline reported that news that HBO would be bringing back the Fraggles to TV, which is something that any kid who grew up in the 80s will likely be delighted by. According to the report Fraggle Rock has been remastered in HD and will land online exclusively on HBO later this year. The report didn't mention a specific premiere date, but did say that the show will come back at the "end of the year."

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The Muppets are no doubt Jim Henson's most famous creation, but the lovable puppet creatures of Fraggle Rock are certainly up there. The series originally debuted in 1983 and ran for 5 seasons until 1987. Fraggle Rock was just shy of 100 episodes when it went off the air, having amassed a total of 96 episodes, all of which will be made available to watch on HBO in the near future. Not only that, but since Fraggle Rock hasn't really made its way to Blu-Ray, this will probably be the best-looking version of the series we have ever seen.

Fraggle Rock focused on a bunch of puppet creatures who lived in an underground series of natural caves and had their own fully developed civilization. The Fraggles and the Doozers lived together in the caves and had connections to two other lands, which were the land of the Gorgs and the land of the Silly Creatures. The Silly Creatures weren't all that silly to viewers, because Silly Creatures were actually humans, but it was a very delightfully Henson thing to do to call people Silly Creatures.

Unfortunately, HBO is not making new episodes of the show but they will be streaming all 96 episodes of Fraggle Rock in HD, as well as broadcasting them. Some of Jim Henson's creations have gone through some revivals, like ABC's recent go at a new Muppet series, which only lasted one season. The last time was saw Fraggles do something new was back in 2012 when Ben Folds Five brought the Fraggle Rock puppets out of retirement for their "Do It Anyway" music video. Be sure to keep an eye on HBO, Fraggle Rock fans.