Eight years since the conclusion of the series in 2010, the cast of Scrubs recently reunited for Vulture Festival in Los Angeles. Everyone present took part in a panel to answer questions about the show, with the cast revealing several interesting behind-the-scenes stories. Inevitably, someone brought up Chris Turk's iconic "Poison dance," asking actor Donald Faison to recreate it for the crowd. Although the others in the panel were cheering him on, Faison emphatically turned down the request. However, he did take the opportunity to address the dance being used in the popular video game Fortnite, saying, "If you want to see it, you can play Fortnite, because they jacked that sh*t!"


For those unfamiliar, Fortnite is an immensely popular online game developed by Epic Games. Players have the ability to have their characters perform emotes, one of which is a rather familiar dance. It's an exact recreation of Turk's dance moves from Scrubs, which any fan would be able to recognize instantly. It's clearly an homage, as executive producer Bill Lawrence says Epic Games did inquire about the legality of using the dance. Because it's "just a character dancing," incorporating the dance is completely legal. Still, Faison remains unhappy about the fact that the developer didn't have to pay out any royalties.

"I don't get no money. That's what y'all are thinking, right? Somebody got paid? No. No. I did not. Somebody stole that sh*t, and it's not mine any more."

For their part, the rest of the cast and crew present didn't seem as upset about the ordeal. Lawrence and Faison's co-star Zach Braff joked that everyone else working on the show was paid for the dance except for him. To set the record straight, Faison insists that nobody received a dime for the move. On one side of the coin, it's clear to see why Faison feels burned as the creator of the choreography. The game does not credit the show, and only Scrubs fans will be able to recognize it. This could lead to others thinking the dance is an entirely original creation, when is something Faison felt he owned.


During the panel, it was regaled how Faison was late to the set on the day of the now controversial dance. He was unable to rehearse the moves, and wasn't even sure of what song he'd be dancing to. When he learned it'd be a Poison song, Faison quickly put something together in his head, and what we saw on the show was a product of that creation. It's interesting to see how big of a mark it made on pop culture, making its way into a popular video game eight years later. Royalties aside, Faison can be very proud of this improv dance he made up completely on the spot.

Individual dance moves are indeed not currently protected by copyright infringement laws. This is why 2 Milly and Chance the Rapper have also expressed unhappiness in seeing their choreography incorporated into the game. It remains to be seen if Epic Games will address the controversy with including the Scrubs dance. This information comes to us from Vulture. You can take a look at a side-by-side comparison of the Scrubs dance and the Fortnite dance below.