The Forky Asks a Question trailer has dropped. The talking spork is tackling some of life's biggest mysteries with some recognizable old friends in the new footage. Disney also debuted a bunch of other trailers for its Disney+ Originals, but Forky is arguably one of the biggest shows on the horizon thus far, thanks to the popularity of Toy Story 4. The studio even released a trailer made up from all of their Pixar content they have amassed over the years that will be available on the upcoming streaming service.

The newest addition to the Toy Story family is coming back in Forky Asks a Question. Forky, from Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4, is a craft project created from trash, so he has a lot of important questions about the world and how it all works. Some of these questions include, What is love? What is time? What is cheese? He explores all of these questions and more in a collection of 10 shorts. All in all, it looks like a fun way to get to know Forky better while getting to learn about the world at the same time.

Tony Hale is back to provide the voice of the spork in Forky Asks a Question. The show looks pretty much as one would expect, though Forky seems a tad more relaxed then he came off in Toy Story 4. With that being said, he still seems pretty anxious about his new surroundings and obviously wants to learn about as much of it as he possibly can. Hopefully kids will get to learn right along with him.

Rex and Hamm are around for the adventure this time, though it looks like more characters will be involved in Forky Asks a Question in the near future. The short film series is all set to debut with Disney+ on November 12th, so we'll get to see some more questions that the character has, along with who some of the other returning characters will be at the same time. While it would be nice to see Woody and Buzz show up, their contracts might have been a little too high to join in on the fun.

Disney is hoping to have Disney+ fight the streaming wars against Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple, and more. While they already have an impressive roster of material from their vast and popular vault, that isn't going to be enough to have Disney fans pay a monthly premium. That's why they've been dumping money into original content to keep things moving and relevant. Forky Asks a Question comes at the perfect time as Toy Story 4 was a huge box office success over the summer and many fans are going to want to know the answers to all these questions. The trailer was provided to us from the Pixar YouTube channel.