The Disney Plus panel is underway at D23 right now, and the news is just spilling out. The show opened with a High School Musical: The Musical: The Series live performance to pump up the crowd and immediately sent them into a frenzy with the announcement of a new Lizzie Maguire series starring Hillary Duff. Tony Hale (Veep) eventually took the stage to introduce a new series of short films coming to the streaming service. Forky Asks a Question will follow Hale's character from the latest Toy Story 4 as he explores the different aspects of life. Considering he was just created by Bonnie in the recent movie, he will have a lot of questions. Over the course of 10 shorts, Forky will find his answers. According to the official synopsis, these questions might surprise you.

"Forky asks important questions about how the world works, such as: What is love? What is time? And of course, the deepest question of all, What is cheese?"
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Tony Hale stole the screen as the little spork toy in the beloved Toy Story 4 with his entertaining and touching story. Bonnie created a toy out of a spork from the trash, and she named it Forky. The new toy insists he is trash and not a toy, and the Toy Story gang has to help him reach a place of self-worth and ultimately become a toy for Bonnie. Hale's performance brings a charming, nervous energy to Forky that helps him steal the show.

Fans in the D23 crowd got a first look at footage from the upcoming series. In it, Forky walks across a room asking himself some of life's tough questions like "What is money." Ham is to the rescue with the answer of what a quarter is and how money is used. Forky is amazed.

Toy Story 4 was a massive success for the studio. The Tom Hanks led film had the highest opening for an animated film ever at $244.5 million. It went on to gross $425.5 million in the United States and Canada. While worldwide, it passed the billion mark with $1.018 billion.

Disney has a tried and true history with animated shorts. They have been producing them since the company was first established. Their recent collections have continued to entertain, and most of them teach a lesson in morality and ethics. Some of the most memorable have been the various Toy Story shorts, one of which had Buzz sitting in a support group for forgotten toys, The Birds and the poignant Night and Day. Through the help of Tony Hale's voice, Forky just might be able to join the ranks of the best. There is no word yet on whether all of Disney's shorts will make it onto the streaming service, but with sheer volume of Disney's content, we hope they make the cut.

As D23 continues this weekend, stick around to get all your updates on the House of the Mouse content. Disney Plus launches on November 12 with a slew of original shows and films including The Mandalorian and The Lady and the Tramp. Disney isn't letting its vault go to waste either, the new streaming service will be full of classic content from its long history. Disney is also offering a budget-friendly bundle with Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for $12.99. This news comes direct from Disney Plus at D23