Should Floor is Lava season 2 happen, the producers of the hit Netflix competition series have no shortage of ideas. This, according to Irad Eyal and Megan McGrath, who are hopeful that the show will return for another go-around. Though, given how successful it proved to be out the gate, that seems like a near-certainty at this point. If the show does continue, Eyal and McGrath would like to do a kid version, and they have plenty of ideas for new rooms as well.

Floor is Lava debuted on Netflix last month and works much like the kid's game of the same name. Contestants must try to cross a room filled with obstacles. If they fall, they lose because the floor is made of lava. During a recent interview, when asked specifically about doing a possible kid version, since the show is based on a children's game, Megan McGrath offered the following.

"Yeah, I mean, we would love to do a kid version. We would love to do a redemption round for the people who lost this time. All-Stars. Yeah, we would love to make more in any capacity. I've been getting a ton of videos and pictures of kids all across the world playing in their own homes, so I think we really struck a nerve with family programming. And yeah, kids are begging to play, so we'd love to make it happen for them."

While Netflix doesn't release ratings numbers, Floor is Lava dominated the streaming service's top ten for quite some time following its premiere. Season 1 features five rooms, including a basement, a planetarium and a bedroom. They were all built inside of an old Ikea building. Irad Eyal explained that they had plenty of ideas for more rooms leftover that could be used for season 2.

"Yeah, there was tons of stuff. The challenge team and the design teams and the stem teams came up with a lot of different ideas. And we came up with a lot of different rooms, that elements were built and tested, and for all kinds of reasons, they didn't make it into this season. But we have a lot of ideas for all the other rooms that players can explore in the future if we get another season."

Be it for a kid version or just a second season of the show as we know it, new rooms would help keep things interesting. Luckily, it's not just ideas the producers have at the ready. Irad Eyal also revealed that they have a huge warehouse, much like the one featured at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, just waiting to be raided for new episodes.

"There's a warehouse out there somewhere in the world that's like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I think it's actually just north of Los Angeles. But there's actually in the warehouse that's holding a bunch of these props that sort of didn't make it into a room this time, and we're hoping we can sort of unlock that and open up those crates and bring them back."

As of this writing, Floor is Lava season 2 has not been confirmed by Netflix. Considering that competition shows are relatively cheap to produce, with this one proving to be a huge hit, we should expect a formal announcement sooner rather than later. This news comes to us vi CinemaBlend.