Shortly after Supergirl was renewed for Season 2 and shifted from CBS to The CW, rumors started to spread about a four-show crossover, between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, which was eventually confirmed, with the episode airing to big ratings last month. It was also confirmed that the back half of the season will feature a musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl, which comes on the heels of last season's unprecedented crossover between The CW's The Flash and CBS' Supergirl, which is likely one of the factors that lead The CW to bring in Supergirl. Today we have word that a date has in fact been set for this musical crossover, with many more characters confirmed for musical numbers.

Entertainment Weekly reveals that The CW has set a date for the crossover, which will kick off with the March 20 episode of Supergirl and continue with the March 21 episode of The Flash. Much like The CW's four-part superhero crossover, the musical will start at the end of Supergirl's episode, with the majority of the crossover taking place during The Flash episode on March 21. It has previously been confirmed that The Music Meister will be the villain for this crossover, who, in the DC Comics, has the power to control his victims through song.

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While the Music Meister's casting hasn't been revealed yet, this new report does confirm that there will be many more cast members belting out tunes than just The Flash's Grant Gustin and Supergirl's Melissa Benoist, who both shared the screen on Glee before stepping into their superhero roles. Other CW stars who will be involved in musical performances include The Flash's Jesse L. Martin and Carlos Valdes, Legends of Tomorrow stars Victor Garber and John Barrowman and Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan. Supergirl's David Harewood and Chris Wood will also have non-singing guest star appearances.

No story details have been released, but there has been a rumor that was just debunked. Last summer, a rumor surfaced that Joss Whedon was being eyed to direct this two-part musical crossover, but this new report reveals that The Flash portion of the crossover will be directed by Dermott Downs. As for the Music Meister, it's worth mentioning that this character was previously voiced by Neil Patrick Harris on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Since Neil Patrick Harris is certainly no stranger to musical routines, he could be an ideal candidate to take on the role, but it isn't clear if he's officially being considered or not.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti stated last year that the crossover will mostly utilize cover songs, but also that he hopes to bring in at least one original song. It was never confirmed if an original song was in fact crafted for this crossover, but if that's the case, we'll surely hear more about it in the very near future. Supergirl returns with is mid-season premiere Monday, January 23, with The Flash coming back a day later with its winter premiere on Tuesday, January 24 at 8 PM ET on The CW.