It's a big day if you're a fan of The Flash. Not only did Warner Bros. announce that The Flash movie in the DCEU is going to be adapting the Flashpoint storyline for the big screen, but it is time to get hyped up for The Flash Season 4. That's right! Courtesy of San Diego Comic-Con, The CW has revealed the very first trailer for the upcoming fourth season of the hit series, as well as some new and pretty exciting additions to the cast.

The CW brought the Arrowverse to SDCC 2017 and The Flash is arguably the most beloved show in their roster right now. The Flash season 3 ended with a pretty big cliffhanger and fans have been dying to know how that was going to play out in the upcoming season, which is scheduled to debut on October 10. This trailer definitely answers some burning questions, but it raises quite a few more. The trailer is absolutely action-packed and teases a pretty emotionally mixed story for The Flash season 4.

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The footage starts out with some narration from Iris West, who sounds sad because her and Barry were totally going to get married. That didn't exactly work out, since Barry Allen had to run off into the Speed Force at the end of The Flash season 3. We then cut to a big action montage, which features the gang trying to deal with a new villain that wants The Flash. Or else. That leads to some desperation and eventually, what looks to be the return of Barry Allen! Did we really think he would be gone for the whole season? Come on now.

Some other very tantalizing details for The Flash season 4 were revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. Neil Sandilands will play the main villain in the upcoming season. Who is that villain, you ask? The Thinker. This was previously teased by villain Abra Kadabra last season. The Thinker (aka Clifford DeVoe) is a genius level inventor that has mind control and telekinesis powers that come from his "Thinking Cap." Get it? Some other new additions include Danny Trejo (Machete) as Breacher, who is the father of Gypsy (Jessica Camacho). Kim Engelbrecht will also be coming on board as The Mechanic, who plays the right hand to the Thinker.

The Flash has absolutely nailed it for many DC fans over the past three seasons, which caused many to be quite upset that Grant Gustin isn't carrying his version of Barry Allen over into the DCEU. Fear not. Because The CW seems to have no plans of canceling The Flash anytime soon, so there will be plenty more to come. Be sure to check out the first trailer for The Flash Season 4 for yourself below. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for all of our additional coverage of San Diego Comic-Con from the entire weekend.