Get ready for some big changes, Flash fans. But don't worry, these changes are probably for the best, as the show speeds towards season 4. The first three seasons of The Flash have all featured speedsters, similar to Barry Allen, as the main villains. It looks like that is going to change in season 4, according to some of the producers who work on this popular CW superhero series

The news comes courtesy of The Flash Podcast, who posted the news on Twitter after attending the Arrowverse panel at PaleyFest. According to what was said by Arrowverse producers Todd Helbing and Aaron Helbing, who were on the panel and took part in the discussion, The Flash season 4 will not feature a speedster as the villain. Here is what the folks from The Flash Podcast had to say about it.

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"There will NOT be a speedster villain next season on #TheFlash! #PaleyFest"

After three seasons of fighting speedsters, among other villains such as King Shark and Captain Cold, it might be nice for fans of the show to see a change. It makes complete sense that the creative team behind CW's The Flash would use other fast villains, such as Reverse Flash, to try and fight Barry Allan. He is fast so it would stand to reason that another villain who is very fast would pose the most logical and interesting threat. If other villains can't keep up with him, it can be tough to keep the conflict interesting over the course of a long story arc. Despite that, the producers seem to understand that to keep the show interesting they are going to need to evolve moving forward. We also learned from producer Aaron Helbing that the next couple of episodes will bring a lot to the table and possibly help shape what comes in season 4.

"[Episode] 18 has Abra Kadabra, who's also a villain from the future. He knows who Savitar is and it becomes a moral conundrum to Barry and the team to let Abra Kadabra go in order to get Savitar's identity. It's one of those great morality plays. Can you be a hero if you do one bad thing for the greater good? Nineteen is called 'The Once And Future Flash.' Barry decides that the only way he can find out what he needs to know is in the future."

It was also said by producer Todd Helbing that The Flash season 4 won't be dealing nearly as much with time travel, which has been a big part of the show thus far. So with a different kind of villain and less time travel, CW's The Flash could be hitting a turning point come next year. The Flash has been a big success for the network and with Warner Bros.' big screen plans for the character a bit up in the air, the show should have things locked down in terms of keeping the attention of fans for the foreseeable future. Assuming they can keep delivering on the quality. The next episode of The Flash, which will be the second part of the "Duets" crossover with Supergirl, airs Tuesday on The CW.