Yesterday, DC Comics revealed the first look at Keiynan Lonsdale's Wally West in his Kid Flash costume, along with confirmation that we will get our first look at him in action in The Flash Season 3 premiere this fall. Today we have another look at Kid Flash courtesy of new set photos that also feature Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, along with a mysterious speedster, who is seen wearing a black suit. While we don't have confirmation as to who this character is quite yet, some believe it could be the Black Racer from the comics, or perhaps a new version of Reverse Flash.

The photos surfaced from numerous Twitter users, with some identifying the actor in this all black suit as Todd Lassance, best known for playing Julian on The CW's The Vampire Diaries and Julius Caesar on Starz's Spartacus. We don't have confirmation if this actor is Todd Lassance or not, especially since the actor never takes off his helmet in any of these photos. Regardless of who the actor playing this mystery character may be, the character itself is an even bigger mystery.

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Last month, series star Grant Gustin revealed that the title of the Season 3 premiere will be Flashpoint, a popular comic that debuted in 2011 and lead into DC's New 52 reboot. Geoff Johns' original story is set in a world that has been drastically altered, where Barry Allen wakes up one day and realizes he has no powers, and he is also the only one that realizes how other DC Comics characters have been altered. For instance, Captain Cold has become Central City's hero, the Justice League no longer exists and it was actually Bruce Wayne who was killed when he was just a boy, instead of his parents. Some have theorized that this mystery character may be the New 52 version of Reverse Flash, since Flashpoint kicked off that comic reboot series, but we don't know for sure.

Another possibility is the Black Racer, a character created back in 1971 by comics legend Jack Kirby. Black Racer often hunts down those who are associated with the singularity known as the Speed Force. The character is said to be a physical manifestation of Death itself, which could start this season off with an ominous tone if this character does turn out to be Black Racer. With the show heading to Comic-Con next week, hopefully we'll get some answers about this mystery man on the set.

Whoever this actor is, he'll be joining new cast member Tom Felton, who has signed on to play Julian Dorn in a series regular role. We also recently learned that Kevin Smith, who directed a popular Season 2 episode, is coming back for another episode in Season 3. While we wait for more details, check out these intriguing set photos below.