With just a few months left until The Flash kicks off its third season, anticipation is higher than ever for these new episodes. It has already been confirmed that The CW series will be tackling the Flashpoint comic book storyline, with the show introducing Tobin Bell as the voice of Doctor Alchemy at Comic-Con last month. Today we have a trailer that teases the new timeline Grant Gustin's Barry Allen has created.

The trailer surfaced on YouTube revealing "Time Strikes Back," as Barry Allen explores this alternate universe. We already saw some of this new world in the Comic-Con sizzle reel, which showcased a much different version of Carlos Valdes' Cisco Ramon, who is the richest man in America and the head of Ramon Industries. We get another glimpse of Cisco in this teaser, where he learns that there is an alternate universe where he's not rich.

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Grant Gustin first revealed that this season will center on the Flashpoint comics two months ago, where he teased on Twitter that The Flash Season 3 premiere will be called Flashpoint. The Flashpoint Paradox comics debuted in 2011, written by Geoff Johns. It is set in a world that has been drastically altered, where Barry Allen wakes up one day and realizes he has no powers, and he is also the only one that realizes how other DC Comics characters have been altered. For instance, Captain Cold has become Central City's hero, the Justice League no longer exists and it was actually Bruce Wayne who was killed when he was just a boy, instead of his parents. These comics lead into DC's New 52 reboot of their comic book lineup.

In the Season 2 finale, Barry Allen used the speed force to go back in time and save his dying mother. In the comics, when Barry did this, it resulted in the Flashpoint Paradox, and we learned in the sizzle reel that the show is following the comic books in this respect. Unfortunately, this new trailer doesn't give us another look at Doctor Alchemy, who, in the DC Comics, has the ability to turn elements into anything he pleases. During one point in the comics, he even turned The Flash himself into water vapor.

Returning from last season will be Keiynan Lonsdale as Kid Flash, along with series newcomer Tom Felton, who will play series regular Julian Dorn. It has also been confirmed that filmmaker Kevin Smith will be back to direct a Season 3 episode, following his critically-acclaimed Season 2 episode that was written by Zack Stentz. While we wait for more details on Season 3, take a look at this brief trailer below.