This summer, we reported that Harry Potter franchise star Tom Felton has come aboard as a series regular on The Flash Season 3, playing a new character named Julian Dorn. Today we have our first look at this character, whose name is actually Julian Albert, and will first appear in the second episode of The Flash Season 3, entitled Paradox. This is quite the fitting title, since the Season 3 premiere is Flashpoint, setting up this season that will be tackling the iconic Flashpoint Paradox storyline.

The initial report from June revealed that Julian will be a fellow crime scene investigator for the Central City Police Department, who suspects there is more to Barry Allen than just his "nice guy reputation." While that report did provide the incorrect character name, it seems those plot details may be right on the money, since The CW Network also released an official synopsis for Paradox. Take a look at the brief plot rundown below for the second episode of The Flash Season 3.

"Barry (Grant Gustin) realizes the effects from Flashpoint are much greater than he thought. Meanwhile, Barry meets new co-worker Julian Albert (Tom Felton) and is surprised by Julian's immediate disdain for Barry."

In the Season 2 finale, Barry Allen travel back in time to save his mom's life from Reverse Flash, which he wasn't able to do previously. As any fan of comics or sci-fi will tell you, anytime you mess with timelines, there are serious consequences, and that is the crux of the Flashpoint storyline. Grant Gustin himself confirmed the story line this summer, when he revealed that The Flash Season 3 premiere episode will be entitled Flashpoint.

These new photos also give us a glimpse at Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp), Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and Iris West (Candice Patton). If that wasn't enough, we also have a new sizzle reel featuring new footage from The Flash Season 3, including a new look at Kid Flash, along with the rest of the network's lineup, including DC Comics shows Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Take a look at these photos and the new sizzle reel below for The Flash Season 3.

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