Before production started on The Flash Season 3, series star Grant Gustin revealed quite the bombshell, that the upcoming fall premiere was titled Flashpoint. Fans of the DC Comics became immediately excited, because this meant the show would be tackling the iconic Flashpoint story line, that lead into the New 52 DC comic book reboot. We've previously seen footage from this Flashpoint universe in the two trailers that have been released over the past few weeks, but today we have new photos from the season premiere.

Last season, Barry Allen was able to stop the nefarious Zoom from destroying all Earths in the multiverse, but Barry's race didn't end there. After defeating his nemesis, Barry makes a world-shaking decision and speeds back in time to the night his mother died to stop Reverse Flash from killing her, irrevocably changing his past and redetermining his future. This new universe he created is known as the Flashpoint Paradox, which, as we can see in the photos, features both of Barry's parents (John Wesley Shipp and Michelle Harrison), alive and well, along with Candice Patton as Iris West, Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West, a.k.a. Kid Flash, and Matthew Letscher as Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. Reverse Flash.

The Flashpoint Paradox comics debuted in 2011, written by Geoff Johns, set in a world that has been drastically altered, where Barry Allen wakes up one day and realizes he has no powers, and he is also the only one that realizes how other DC Comics characters have been altered. For instance, Captain Cold has become Central City's hero, the Justice League no longer exists and it was actually Bruce Wayne who was killed when he was just a boy, instead of his parents. The Comic-Con trailer released last month gave us our first look at the new villain, Doctor Alchemy, played by Tobin Bell.

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This season on The CW will also feature a musical crossover with The CW's new superhero addition Supergirl, which will air during the back half of this season and is rumored to be directed by Joss Whedon. This is coming off the heels of last season's unprecedented crossover with Supergirl, when that series was airing on CBS, but now the show has shifted to The CW, where it will kick off the network's lineup on Monday nights at 8 PM. No details about the musical crossover have been given yet, but it isn't surprising since both The Flash star Grant Gustin and Supergirl star Melissa Benoist previously showed off their singing chops on Fox's Glee, before stepping into their superhero roles.

The Flash Season 3 will also welcome Harry Potter star Tom Felton as new series regular Julian Dorn, with filmmaker Kevin Smith also returning to direct a Season 3 episode, after his well-received episode that aired towards the end of Season 2. Take a look at the new photos below, and stay tuned for more on The Flash Season 3, which debuts Tuesday, October 4 at 8 PM ET on The CW Network.

Flashpoint photo 1
Flashpoint photo 2
Flashpoint photo 3
Flashpoint photo 4
Flashpoint photo 5
Flashpoint photo 6