The Flash pulled off quite the coup when it brought back Mark Hamill as the Trickster, a villain he played in the original 90s DC superhero TV show. And it makes sense that The CW would want to bring him back again, as the Star Wars icon is quite popular with genre fans. But this time out, it appears that he may be playing a completely different character. And it's sure to get ALL DC fans extremely excited.

Yes, as these set images seem to promises, Mark Hamill is finally going to play The Joker in the flesh. The actor is well known for voicing the iconic DC villain, and now it appears he'll finally get to play the ghoulish grinning clown at some point in The Flash Season 3. Only, it looks like this will be the Earth-3 version of Joker.

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Or, perhaps this is simply the Earh-3 version of Trickster, which will be paying obvious homage to The Joker. The CW hasn't made that clear quite yet. In recent weeks, The Flash delivered a somewhat quick semi-resolution to the Flashpoint storyline. And now, Barry Allen and his pals are having to contend with the emergence of some new metahumans thanks to some interference by Doctor Alchemy. Alchemy is reportedly this seasons big bad, as they call it in the TV biz. He is working alongside Savitar, who has been able to restore the abilities of those who lost their powers during the Flashpoint timeline.

So far, Barry has come up against two such metahumans in Rival and Magenta. Next, he will take on Mirror Master. And Captain Cold returns next week. Now, it looks like we can add Mark Hamill back into the mix as well, but who is he playing this time out? The set photos in question, which were found on Twitter, show Mark Hamill along with John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick, who happens to be Earth-3's Flash,

There is no denying that Mark Hamill's appearance is quite different from what we've seen before, with the actor previously appearing in both the first and second season of the hit superhero show. This time out, his face is chalk white and he definitely seems to have that signature Joker grin. And any kid from the 70s will tell you that he's clearly wearing pants modeled after the Joker Mego doll. He almost looks like he stepped out of one of Tim Burton's Batman movies.

With Mark Hamill already firmly established as The Trickster, is it even possible that he could take on the persona of The Joker? It seems unlikely, but so does King Shark and Gorilla Grodd. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about these images is not that Mark Hamill may be playing the Joker in the flesh, but that he will be facing off against Jay Garrick. In the original 90s series, Hamill faced off against John Wesley Shipp, who starred at that time as The Flash, so this brings it all full circle.

It is believed that these images are from The Flash Season 3 mid-season finale, which has become a big event for The CW over the past three years. Mark Hamill also appeared in last year's Season 2 mid-season finale. The Flash continues this Tuesday with another all-new episode The New Rogues, only on The CW.