While the fall TV season won't start up until October on The CW, most of their shows will start getting back to work, filming their new seasons fairly soon. While we don't know exactly when production may begin on any of these shows, The Flash star Grant Gustin just dropped a major detail about the Season 3 premiere, revealing the title. There may be potential SPOILERS addressed below, so read on at your own risk.

Earlier today, Grant Gustin teased on Twitter that he just got done reading the Season 3 premiere script, although he wouldn't divulge what the title would be. Just an hour later, executive producer Greg Berlanti said that he could reveal the title, which is Flashpoint. DC Comics fans will surely know that this title refers to a comic book crossover dubbed the Flashpoint Paradox.

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The Flashpoint Paradox comics debuted in 2011, written by Geoff Johns is set in a world that has been drastically altered, where Barry Allen wakes up one day and realizes he has no powers, and he is also the only one that realizes how other DC Comics characters have been altered. For instance, Captain Cold has become Central City's hero, the Justice League no longer exists and it was actually Bruce Wayne who was killed when he was just a boy, instead of his parents. These comics lead into DC's New 52 reboot of their comic book lineup.

In the Season 2 finale, Barry Allen used the speed force to go back in time and save his dying mother. In the comics, when Barry did this, it resulted in the Flashpoint Paradox, which will presumably be explored in Season 3. We don't know for sure how The CW's version of the Flashpoint Paradox will be different from the comics, but hopefully we'll learn more at Comic-Con next month.

We reported last week that The CW has handed out an October 4 premiere date for Season 3. This season, The CW will have four superhero shows airing on consecutive nights, with Supergirl debuting on The CW on Monday nights, The Flash on Tuesday nights, Arrow on Wednesday nights and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday nights. Take a look at Grant Gustin's tweets below, and stay tuned for more on The Flash Season 3.